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' Take me anywhere,

chile girl tattoo

Take me anywhere, I don't care. I don't care.
Stefanie II Lighting info: 150cm

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Lighting info: 150cm reverse octa CL, striplight CR,
Sunbathing, no. 452 Beach at 9th.

girl from miami inc

Beach at 9th.
Dillon Rough Model: Dillon Rough

girl in jeans and tshirt

Model: Dillon Rough - FB Page Add l Like l Book l Follow l Watch
Hey Sailor 2009 Coney Island

aqua girl tatoo

2009 Coney Island Mermaid Parade
Tattoo Art Fest 2010 @ Halle Freyssinet / Paris

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Helrazor <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>

picture tattoo angles girl Helrazor is enthusiastic and fun to work with and brings a little something to a shoot. Destined for stardom... Book Helrazor through

Three random tattoo ideas

Nike Air Max 1 iD "J4 Bred" - 2010 CHECK MATE! These

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CHECK MATE! These are my Nike Jordan IV "Bred" inspired AM1 iDs called "J4 Bred". I have a soft spot for that shoe so it made sense to draw inspiration from it and create this iD. I also took reference from an existence AM1 iD from fellow ISS member, CRISUNO. He made a similar make-up when the AM1 iD was available in 2007. The difference between mine and his are: He has a suede swoosh, he used Hot Red for the out-sole, has black laces, his heel Nike emblem is grey and it has a red air unit. I wanted to switch it up a bit and re-mixed mine with a 3M swoosh, Beet Red out-sole, Nike heel emblem is Beet Red, White Laces with Red aglets and my air unit is silver. Unfortunately you can not customize the air unit this time around. At least not yet. If it was possible I would have made it White to complete the design. That's why I added the White laces. I needed some white in there and so I took the laces from my Patta AM1 "Navy Denim & Cords" and added th