Girl - Tattoowise

' Take me anywhere,

chile girl tattoo

Take me anywhere, I don't care. I don't care.
Stefanie II Lighting info: 150cm

dutch girl tattoos

Lighting info: 150cm reverse octa CL, striplight CR,
Sunbathing, no. 452 Beach at 9th.

girl from miami inc

Beach at 9th.
Dillon Rough Model: Dillon Rough

girl in jeans and tshirt

Model: Dillon Rough - FB Page Add l Like l Book l Follow l Watch
Hey Sailor 2009 Coney Island

aqua girl tatoo

2009 Coney Island Mermaid Parade
Tattoo Art Fest 2010 @ Halle Freyssinet / Paris

bmx girl gallery
Helrazor <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>

picture tattoo angles girl Helrazor is enthusiastic and fun to work with and brings a little something to a shoot. Destined for stardom... Book Helrazor through

Three random tattoo ideas

White Lotus Flower - IMG_2040 White Lotus Flower:

flower art tatoo

White Lotus Flower: Fine art image - Lo-key (Low key) - ID: _IMG_2040 For the best visual impact please view on black background
asian dragon tattoo, session 4 Session 4 on

japanese clouds art

Session 4 on my asian dragon tattoo...background outline on clouds and some more cherry blossoms...because, you can never have enough cherry blossoms! Jeff spent about 1 1/2 hours designing the background...then it was another 1 1/2 hours to do the outline. This outline is done in a light opaque grey wash, it will heal a bit lighter than seen here now. Will be pretty when we add shading and color in a few weeks!!!
220 star pararde around

tattoo on wrist scars

star pararde around my wrist. i passed out on the couch and have to do a cop-out picture. i sat around in tomas's hot, dark basement bedroom for a while tonight being deafened by the noise of his drums, chris's bass, cody's guitar, and another chris's occasional manipulation of a kaossilator . mostly it was just noise, but for a total of maybe two or three minutes (not consecutively), they magically came together and created something pretty sweet. now chris i could just listen to play bass all day long. sometimes i get in these weird moods where i want to be around other people, just without the interaction. just like a mean old cat who doesn't want you to pet it but will still sit in the room with you. i like listening to people's conversations and just observing if i'm reasonably