Girl - Tattoowise

5D 24-70mm

liz kelly suicide girl

STROBIST INFO 5D 24-70mm Malaysian flash thru umbrella triggered by PW's please no shitty comments
New Love Although she is

daddy girl tattoo

Although she is Daddy's 4th little girl at home, she still has Daddy's heart by a string.
Bike Rides <a href="" rel="nofollow">thrashonistas</a>

girl bicycle tattoo

thrashonistas | facebook | artripoli | blog © 2011 Anthony Ryan Tripoli | For more of my film photos go to Scum of the Slum Film: Kodak Ultramax 400 Camera: Nikon N90s
100_4677 [ February 2009

girl floral foot tattoos

[ February 2009 ] New mehndi tattoos on my feet. This was the day of.. Don't my feet look swollen and nasty? Blech. Only took about 2-3 hours and I drew part of it myself! Have to go back in 3 weeks to get him to finish the left foot and touch up the right foot.
Rocket Taken while Rocket

girl on rocket tattoo

Taken while Rocket was visiting San Francisco for the DeviantNation ball!
 Strobish; 1600w model

girl with revolution tattoo

Strobish; 1600w model left
 Styling and makeup

girl with square tatoo

Styling and makeup by me. I made the dress from fabric and foam board. mamiya c330 and expired tungsten film
Selene_2 Autofficina Casa dell'Auto

italian girl tattoo

Autofficina Casa dell'Auto SET Selene
Relaxing I propped my

shoes feet girl gallery

I propped my feet up while the boys chased down the rocket.
Insectavora Angelica - fire 2009 Insectavora Angelica doing

sideshow girl

Insectavora Angelica doing her Fire Act in Coney Island NY
flickGiada-0765web Giada, 5/2010

biker girl gallery

Giada, 5/2010

Three random tattoo ideas

Girly Swirly  Tattoo Paulo Madeira Tattoo

swirly girly tattoo

Paulo Madeira Tattoo Artist and BodyPiercer Ouch Tattoos 26 High Street Ealing W5 5DB 02088407717