Girl - Tattoowise

Leslie-12 Strobist:

1x B400 in

girl tattoo on calf

Strobist: 1x B400 in a PCB 64" PLM v2 w/diffusion cover @ 1/2 power, camera left 45* 1x B400 in a 60" impact shoot through umbrella @ 1/2 power, camera right 45* Triggered via cactus v4.
Honey Duvet does the glove

burlesque girl tattoo on side

does the glove peel.
Andrea Andrea Wallace. One

tattoo little girl with balloon

Andrea Wallace. One of my 2 muses. She was in town for 2 days and i got to spend a few good hours with her! =]
Lorraine Vernon at BCN Tattoo Expo 2010 Ganadora del concurso

sleeve designs girl

Ganadora del concurso Tattoo Energy by Lenita en la 13ª Ed. de BCN Tattoo Expo Modelo: Lorraine Vernon Fotografía: Selectormarx Estilismo: Emilse cuello para Lenita Maquillaje/Peluquería: Emilse Cuello Auxiliar de fotografía: Mr.Chapis Trecelagrimas para BCN Tattoo Convention. Madrid 2011 Portada Lenita
Rollers Only Artist Doll-E Girl

chola girl tattoo

Artist Doll-E Girl in Lincoln Heights (LA, California)
Wink Lady Merilee Effingham,

english girl gallery

Lady Merilee Effingham, 2010 Texas Renaissance Festival, Todd Mission, Texas
Parrot This year's Gemini

girl kissing girl tattoos

This year's Gemini and Scorpio Bootleggers' Ball party is a sold-out affair. I'm one of the roving photographers, which means for the most part looking in from the outside as a spectator. Put another way, it means letting the crowd perform for the camera. Happy New Year, everyone!

girl on chains tattoo If you are going to use my photos for anything, please give my flickr or tumblr credit!

Three random tattoo ideas

Soul Searching A self Portrait

tattoo tribal flickr

A self Portrait of myself
cherubs_carrying_a_ribbon_accent It's a design

tattoos de cherubs

It's a design I found one the net, I know someone who wanted a tatoo like this.