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Wendy in her element Wendy touching up

girl calf tattoo

Wendy touching up by boyfriend Will's tattoo. Nothing like the smell of madacide in the kitchen! :) Remember kids, always practice safe tattooing.
Goodbye Gravity III There are few

girl low back tattoos

There are few places spookier than the heart of a forest shrouded in the darkness of night — so it seemed like a good place to do some lowkey gravity defying. If I was slightly more sensible I’d have done it at dusk… setting up what became a quite complicated lighting setup in complete darkness was a… Continued on my blog. My Site | Twitter | Facebook Strobist: • 430ex on 1/4 power through a Westcott Apollo camera left. • 430ex on 1/8 power through a Westcott Apollo camera left behind subject. • 580ex on 1/64 power, camera right, bare.. • 430ex on 1/4 power behind subject through a grid with a 1/2 CTO gel.
Portrait of Mikaela  I've wanted to

girl pierced

I've wanted to make a portrait of Mikaela for awhile now. She's got such a great attitude and a strong sense of self. Plus I like her style. Yesterday I noticed her hair was newly died and I had to ask for the photograph! Fuji X100
Cherrish Suffer to be Beautiful I tried a

girl side tats

I tried a few things I learned today. I like how this came out! Compare to this version :
My Nana's scissors... in progress...

girl sleeve tat

in progress...
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girl with geisha tattoos

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Nea In Milk 1 Strobist info:
Lights: Elinchrom

gothic gallery girl

Strobist info: Lights: Elinchrom D-Lite 4 with 100 cm Octa camera left + silver reflector Background texture: Skeletal Mess
 To see the

jersey girl tattoos

To see the words clearer click "ALL SIZES" above the photo.
Ianis - Magenta Coming soon on

mexicana girl

Coming soon on member review! ;)

Three random tattoo ideas

Henna- VB- Volcano Blue Original Design inspired

yemen tattoo

Original Design inspired by Asha Savla(my fave!) Volcano Blue Henna Lexington, KY Will Travel Worldwide for you Event