Girl - Tattoowise

Live Expression Photo by Sifatography

old school pinup girl tattoo

Photo by Sifatography!/groups/179596065429462/
Red self portrait- playing

phoenix tattoo girl

self portrait- playing in photoshop a little bit. View larger to see what I was going for :)
pirate pin up girl tattoo Justin at Kats

pin up girl tattos

Justin at Kats Like Us Tattoos
6 Self Portrait.

My tattoo

poppy girl tattoo

Self Portrait. My tattoo says "Born to raise hell". It's the same tattoo my poppy has on his right arm, just done in a different font. I think this proves I love him more than anything <3
girl and bird cover up /

russia girl with tattoo

cover up / first session 2.5 hours
Daddy's Girl You never know

tattoo daddys girl

You never know the interesting people you will run into during a swamp/alligator tour.
Pabst can on Cecelia 2nd sitting Still not done,

tattoo girl calf

Still not done, but we are getting much closer
Classy? Nottingham Riverside Festival.

tattoo girl scorpion

Nottingham Riverside Festival.
Untitled Foto feita com

tattoo girl skulls

Foto feita com o celular
Tattoo Arts Festival in Pattaya, Thailand Tattoo Arts Festival,

tattoo thai girl

Tattoo Arts Festival, Pattaya, Thailand. Lots more to come Visit My Thai Tattoos Collection

Three random tattoo ideas

Pin-Up-Tattoo Tattooed by Ray

female face tattooed

Tattooed by Ray at The Tattoo Studio, Crayford
Erin While hanging out

tattoo grandmother photo

While hanging out at One Up at our Flickr mixr on Saturday this tattoo caught my eye the second she walked in the door. This is Erin, another bartender at One Up and this is her grandmother. I have to say it's probably one of the coolest and most well done tattoos I've ever seen. She was funny because I just looked at her and said, "I have to take a picture of your tattoo!" and she replied, "I figured you would want to." She happily moved into a better spot for me to shoot it and was very patient until I got a good one. It's such a beautiful tribute to her grandmother. Erin is number 16 of my 100 strangers project. Thanks again for letting me get such a great shot of your gorgeous tattoo. Check out the 100 strangers website to see more pictures and people working on the same assignment.