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with a view Colorado Model Kirbie

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Colorado Model Kirbie B
Sabrina Sabrok Band Sabrina Sabrok --

piercing girls fetish

Sabrina Sabrok -- Celebrity, Punk Singer with the biggest breast in the world!
Freak Show Van Hellzapoppin' freak show

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Hellzapoppin' freak show van, Full Throttle Saloon. Sturgis, South Dakota, 08.10.10. "Confucious say" (sic) Man who piss in dirt wiser than man who piss in wind. update!

call girls in berlin update!
bffs [film]. from <a href="">day

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from day 156. my two bestest friends in the entire world. 8 years strong and going. view some others from this day here, here, and here
charm city rollers (43) Cherrylicious #NC-17

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Cherrylicious #NC-17

Three random tattoo ideas

eternal love Chris had an


Chris had an idea a while back. Everyone around us seems to be getting married... getting and giving rings, bla bla. The thought has come up in a few of our conversations... Chris spit out the idea of getting a tatoo instead of a ring. I thought it was an awesome idea too! This is what I came up with so far. It's based upon the celtic symbol for eternal love. I also added in our zodiac symbols, Leo (left) and Saggitarius (right).
Nigel Palmer sleeve:  stage two With outline to

tattoo abstract black

With outline to the upper inner arm, and most of the detail on the lower arm.
Hawiian Totem III This is the

hawaiian leg tattoos

This is the inner leg view.