Girls - Tattoowise

Chelsea Photographed by me

tattoos on front shoulders for girls

Photographed by me at my friend's, Verity Assad, studio. More images from this photoshoot at:
Rene - Overexposed My third model

gorgeous girls

My third model shoot. Getting more familiar and comfortable working with the models. Rene and Eugenie was absolutely fantastic to work with. For this shot, i am trying to overexpose the shot to get a bridal feel. I have taken a bunch of over exposed shots and will PP in the time to come.
CSD Köln 2010 / CSD Cologne 2010, Bilder der CSD Parade am 04.07.10 CSD Köln 2010

exibitionisten girls

CSD Köln 2010 / CSD Cologne 2010 Bilder der CSD Parade in Köln am 04.07.10. Mehr / More:
Valt Girls & Bleeding Star The awesome Valt

guitar tattoos for girls

The awesome Valt Girls Rocking the Star!!!
2 Girls © All rights

2 girls with tatto

© All rights reserved Flávio Gadêlha.
Getting a Zelda tattoo A friend getting

back piece girls tattoos

A friend getting her geeky Zelda chest piece tattoo done by Didi at Thunderpig Tattoos in Trollhättan, Sweden. Model: Adéle Holtz //
hype wannabe. Laís e Isabela.

black tattoos for girls

Laís e Isabela. all my profiles: MeAdiciona check it out my 1st flickr GALLERY!!!
charm city rollers (10) Coach BallBricker #13

chest tattoos on girls

Coach BallBricker #13
Tatooed muse Tammy was in

chinese tattoos for girls

Tammy was in a photo mode today, and used this opportunity for some shots.

Three random tattoo ideas

Starfish in water Jae Connor

tattoo peony chrysanthemum

Jae Connor
Stupp@o - Schiene dall' oriente pt.2 A voi i

oriente tattoos

A voi i Commenti ... Eccesso: ***aforisma*** L'eccesso della gioia divien tristezza, e l'eccesso del vino ubriachezza. allora io son felice di essere triste e sbronzo di inchiostro...