Gladiolas - Tattoowise


Three random tattoo ideas

Inked I guess this

yellow inked tattoos

I guess this is a work in progress. In the crowd at the Phoenix Festival 2008
Tek 2nd Time Around

freight train tatoo ideas

2nd Time Around
Bille Mae Pin Up Model Strobist~faux: Sun above

tatoo mae

Strobist~faux: Sun above cam, 1 Lastolite silver reflector cam right to fill her face. Polarizer as always. Billie Mae is a Pin Up model. A bit vampy, colorfully tattooed and very friendly She and her BF(?) walked up while I was talking to the car owner and talked up her fundraiser for people in need. Only took 3 frames. She would be fun at a Strobist MeetUp! She her site at