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Tattoo! #2 Beginning the process.

athena goddess

Beginning the process. www.rayjerez.com
Triple Moon & Goddess Tattoo/Symbol *click for all 3 moons Click on Image

tattoo of moon goddess

Click on Image to see ALL 3 Moons! This was my design i first chose to go with for my triple moon tattoo. I made 3 hearts inside to represent the Tripple Goddess ( Mother, Maiden & Crone) I made it my self and am very proud of it! :-) I will get a picture of the one i ended up having done on here soon.
Maiden, Mother, Crone Ideas for a


Ideas for a new tattoo. I'm thinking of getting this plaque redrawn for a half-sleeve on my upper arm. I've been sitting on this since my last tattoo and think I'm ready for it. September 2006.
The Goddess Tattoo Final after some

goddess on moon tattoos

Final after some retouching
charmed goddess symbol www.myspace.com/sevenfoldstattoostudio sevenfoldstattoo@yahoo.com

goddess symbol tattoos

www.myspace.com/sevenfoldstattoostudio sevenfoldstattoo@yahoo.com
Wind Goddess Ink Pencil crayon

moon goddess tattoo

Ink Pencil crayon January 2010
Tattoo 2 Another Egyptian influenced

goddess isis tattoo

Another Egyptian influenced image.The winged Goddess Isis, symbolising rebirth and protection.
Dragon Bodysuit © Sherrie Thai

goddess tattoo design

© Sherrie Thai of Shaire Productions. Please visit my blog for the story and inspirations on this piece. Thanks.
charmed goddess symbol www.myspace.com/sevenfoldstattoostudio sevenfoldstattoo@yahoo.com

goddess tattoo symbol

www.myspace.com/sevenfoldstattoostudio sevenfoldstattoo@yahoo.com

Three random tattoo ideas

A collaboration with.... Lois Maples
Ilford Hp5

tattoo model model mayhem

Lois Maples Ilford Hp5 Mamiya Rb67 Dev in TMax 1-4 @20degc 6.30mins
Outside the late Amy Winehouse's House, Camden 24/07/2011 On my way

amy winehouse fotos tattoo

On my way to Sainsburys the day after she died, passing the mourners and the media.