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Dead like me. Soon you'll be

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Soon you'll be believing, I'll be feeding on your blood, my love. I don't wanna go where the sun lives, hurts my eyes and burns my skin. Anytime I go outside it feels like sin. I want to suck your blood. I will never die, never die, no never die.
golondrinas (el regreso!) La tengo con

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La tengo con las golondrinas! (http://www.flickr.com/photos/-noel-/3799649039/in/set-72157620677939588/) Pinto, pinto championes, si alguien quiere, me avisa ;)
... y después first impressions

golondrinas tatoo

first impressions
Después Se trata de

golondrinas tatoos

Se trata de sobrevivir
fly free Hand painted shoes

tatoo de golondrinas

Hand painted shoes :)
VOLANDO Un vestido de

tattoo gallery golondrinas

Un vestido de regalo...
... durante... first impressions

tattoo golondrinas gallery

first impressions
The sky is the limit 2 Version in color

tatto de dos golondrinas

Version in color [+1 in comments]

Three random tattoo ideas

66/365 // Year 2 Wanted (the closest

tattoo sun calf

Wanted (the closest thing I have to) my fella in the picture with me.
arrest A handcuffed suspect


A handcuffed suspect looks through the criminal complaint filed against him on Wednesday morning. He and dozens of others were arrested on drug-related charges in a multi agency sweep of Las Vegas and surrounding areas. The operation which had been planned over the last five months was executed this morning at 6 a.m. leading to the seziure of marijuana, crack, crack cocaine, marijuana plants and a stolen firearm. Agencies from all over New Mexico participated in the bust. Our paper doesn't identify suspects in a picture either by a name or visual recognition until conviction