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Soon you'll be believing, I'll be feeding on your blood, my love. I don't wanna go where the sun lives, hurts my eyes and burns my skin. Anytime I go outside it feels like sin. I want to suck your blood. I will never die, never die, no never die.
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La tengo con las golondrinas! (http://www.flickr.com/photos/-noel-/3799649039/in/set-72157620677939588/) Pinto, pinto championes, si alguien quiere, me avisa ;)
... y después first impressions

golondrinas tatoo

first impressions
Después Se trata de

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Se trata de sobrevivir
fly free Hand painted shoes

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Hand painted shoes :)
VOLANDO Un vestido de

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Un vestido de regalo...
... durante... first impressions

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first impressions
The sky is the limit 2 Version in color

tatto de dos golondrinas

Version in color [+1 in comments]

Three random tattoo ideas

103/365 The Microdermal 103/365

The hubz doesn't

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103/365 The hubz doesn't like it but, like he says, it's my body. I love this little thing. I want more, lol. It's great. Worth the pain of getting it, for sure. Today I've been feeling better. About 85% back to myself. Damn brownies. NO SPOILERS: I remember being disappointed in 'Burn After Reading'. It was entertaining but it didn't really go anywhere. It was just a couple of stories thrown in together. All the acting was phenomenal (except for Malkovich who is almost ALWAYS an overacting ham & cannot do accents to save his f*cking life), I liked the direction, the characters, the twists, the turns and the drama. But all in all it just left me saying 'eh, I've seen better'. Not a nightmare of a bore like 'No Country for Old Men' but still a let down. Wow, tho, think I should mention the violence was (no surprise) well done. The Coens know how to do fast, subtle but still in your face gore that totally leaves you stunned and wondering 'did that just happen'? I'm going to work on my 'How To' ebook and clean and hope that a list of internships for film/tv/theatre come through soon. I plan on applying :D!!!
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Guitar Hero 3 Strobist Info: x1

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Strobist Info: x1 Sb-800 off camera left. 1/8th power and shot through a white umbrella. x1 Sb-800 placed directly behind the model. Set at 1/64th power and this acted as a rear fill between guitar and model.