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Dead like me. Soon you'll be

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Soon you'll be believing, I'll be feeding on your blood, my love. I don't wanna go where the sun lives, hurts my eyes and burns my skin. Anytime I go outside it feels like sin. I want to suck your blood. I will never die, never die, no never die.
golondrinas (el regreso!) La tengo con

golondrinas para tatoo

La tengo con las golondrinas! (http://www.flickr.com/photos/-noel-/3799649039/in/set-72157620677939588/) Pinto, pinto championes, si alguien quiere, me avisa ;)
... y después first impressions

golondrinas tatoo

first impressions
Después Se trata de

golondrinas tatoos

Se trata de sobrevivir
fly free Hand painted shoes

tatoo de golondrinas

Hand painted shoes :)
VOLANDO Un vestido de

tattoo gallery golondrinas

Un vestido de regalo...
... durante... first impressions

tattoo golondrinas gallery

first impressions
The sky is the limit 2 Version in color

tatto de dos golondrinas

Version in color [+1 in comments]

Three random tattoo ideas

Classic a.M.p. getting inked at

middle back tattoo designs

getting inked at the Funhouse in Winter Park FL.
sikerei family4 The Shamans of

traditional tattoo indonesia

The Shamans of Siberut - Mentawai
my first tattoo My first tattoo,

tattoo of determination

My first tattoo, its the Zodiac Scorpio, which happens to be my symbol (duh!). It was a total coincidence that I found this symbol-I was searching for a symbol that represents determination and strong will and what do you know-its the sign I was born under. I got the tattoo in July 2006 at Lost Art in Salt Lake City.