Grandchildren - Tattoowise

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Put the Hot Dog in the Hamburger Bun ...Nana won't care!

grandchildren tattoo

...Nana won't care!
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Three random tattoo ideas

Auricular Design in a Tattoo. Tattoo by Denise

white tattoo flower

Tattoo by Denise de la Cerda. Wearer- Mark Ciecko. This black and grey swirl is meant to flow gracefully with the form of Marc's arm and chest, and be non-objective while also not being abstract. Auricular patterns were used in the seventeenth century to decorate fine art objects. The shapes were taken from the shapes of the tiny bones inside the head, used for hearing. Thus the term "Auricular".
New Zealand - Dec 2006 Masterpiece in the

maori tattoo auckland gallery

Masterpiece in the making by the lovely Inia Taylor.