Grandchildren - Tattoowise

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Put the Hot Dog in the Hamburger Bun ...Nana won't care!

grandchildren tattoo

...Nana won't care!
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Three random tattoo ideas

Michael Jackson tattoo Finally a clean

lyrics for wrist tattoos

Finally a clean pic of my MJ tattoo. :) Quote from Scream by Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson. Done by Jack at Inka. Font Jane Austen, slightly modified. Mirrors my Placebo tattoo on the other wrist.
Session 2: Some Colour for Summer Got the water

tattoos buddhism

Got the water coloured in. Two hours of pain and now I feel itchy, but I love it. One more session to colour the naga (snake), and I think it'll be finally done! Thanks to Tim Lehi at Blackheart, San Francisco.