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Put the Hot Dog in the Hamburger Bun ...Nana won't care!

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...Nana won't care!

Three random tattoo ideas

3 - SHIFT - MINE - ACRIMINA Album's Back Of Cover Just look at

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Just look at the work and see your own interpretation of the work that will always be unique and set apart from anything else that will and ever has existed.
Next to you Pose by Lost

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Pose by Lost Angel If you want me to leave, I will understand See I will just have to respect your wishes boy Cus if I stay aint no tellin what may happened boy Although you look so good to me, its best that I leave Listen :
Green Day Green Day +++

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Green Day +++ US-Band v.l.: Mike Dirnt, Billy Joe Armstrong, Tré Cool +++ 2004 +++ Foto: Luca del Pia +++ c: Pia +++ NO ITALY!! +++ Nur nach Absprache!! ++