Grandchildren - Tattoowise

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Put the Hot Dog in the Hamburger Bun ...Nana won't care!

grandchildren tattoo

...Nana won't care!
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Three random tattoo ideas

365 Self Portraits: Day 18 - So, I caught a bird. Yeah. He's yellow.

bird in cage tattoo

Yeah. He's yellow. And he talks to me. .... but not really. I got this nifty bird cage today, and since I was unable to take the original shot I had planned for today (which I will be doing tomorrow now) I decided to incorporate my new cage. I didn't have any fake birds, so I borrowed my nieces Big Bird :) Oh and I dyed my hair red, in case you can't tell. My boyfriend, who originally had begged me to do brown, now talked me into redoing red. -_- I love it though. But soon it'll fade, I'm sure.
Indian Warrior This is my

forever moments tattoo

This is my future tattoo to be done in the summer of 2012 by the award-winning tattoo artist, Erika Doyon of Montreal (please visit: ).
Bows Gave a small

flash tattoo key

Gave a small flash sheet a go, only A4 size.