Grandchildren - Tattoowise

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Put the Hot Dog in the Hamburger Bun ...Nana won't care!

grandchildren tattoo

...Nana won't care!
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Three random tattoo ideas

*ES* Kiss me Where... "Neck & Back " tattoo Essential Soul wanted

tattos para os ps

Essential Soul wanted to give a reason to make BF & GF a lil bit jealous with a NEW lipstick tattoo --> 2 versions: on NECK-BUTT and NECK-BACK --> 2 Colors: RED and BLACK --> 3 Tones: Fresh, Faded, Faint 99L ONLY!
Favor Santa Monica Pier:

wave back tattoo flickr

Santa Monica Pier: Above and Below. There was a better shot of the couple but I do love pictures of people posing for other cameras.
aprildress i wore a

tattoo tree creek

i wore a dress to celebrate global warming.