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Owl1 Done by Jose

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Done by Jose Perez Jr. of Darkwater Tattoos 8502 S. Harlem Ave Bridgeview IL, 60455 Shop number (708)598-0999 Open seven days a week 2pm-10pm
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swallow black and grey tattoo pics looking good , she talked about having it in colour first but it will be beautiful as a black & grey piece .
Angel Statue Done by Jose

black and grey tattoo work

Done by Jose Perez Jr. of Darkwater Tattoos 8502 S. Harlem Ave Bridgeview IL, 60455 Shop number (708)598-0999 Open seven days a week 2pm-10pm
Black Phoenix or Devil Tat Old Tribal design

black and grey phoenix tattoos

Old Tribal design I messed with in Photoshop to make more creeyp
International London Tattoo Convention 2010 International London Tattoo

black and grey tattoo women

International London Tattoo Convention 2010
sea captain. black and grey

anchor tattoo black and grey

black and grey piece just below the elbow. loads of fun! Mark Ford Evil From the Needle 232 Camden High Street London NW1 8QS
New Tattoo The 2 hearts

black and grey heart tattoos

The 2 hearts are designed from a necklace that my Grandma had. When it was spun around it said I LOVE YOU my Grandad bought it for her. It is small and gold and I was going to have colour added to match but feel it may have looked out of place on my arm with the rest of the arm being in black ink. The odd thing was when I booked the appointment to have it done I did not realize until the morning of getting it that it was 2 years to the day that my Grandma died.....spooky!
Bored? Wear a Skirt! So, that is

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So, that is what I did (and the fact i didn't have any clean pants...ha). picture taken yesturday...all 5MB taken up on my memory card in my camera...time to transfer to external hard drive...and start over... and it is also getting closer to my 200 pictures on flickr... and i don't have a pro account... ::sigh:: today is cleaning day...and breakfast for dinner day... so for dinner we will be having eggs, pancakes and everything...for's the best! :) **will update more later...** ...later... okay.'s a little while later... did some cleaning...the majority of the laundry done. i really really want to paint...but have the feeling if i start painting...i'm not going t want to stop...and i still have to clean the bathrooms, sweep/vaccuum dog fur AGAIN, and finish maybe i'll start drawing a little bit so i know what to paint later on...then i can just stay up all night and paint and take pictures and do all my artsy things... and hope i get a call back

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