Gypsy - Tattoowise

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 second session on


second session on the gypsy.
 Gypsy Queens talent

gypsy tattoo flash

Gypsy Queens talent shoot. (WA chapter)
Dia de Los Muertos Day of the Dead Sugar Skull Tattoo Cake For once I

gypsy woman skull tattoo

For once I did a cake for me! Well, it was a gift for a friend for her Birthday, but it wasn't ordered so I got to do what I wanted, and an idea I have been dying to do. I'm pleased with the way it turned out, but of course it would be better if I ever get to do one again. I really really hope I do. I enjoyed bringing her to life (death?) so much I even named her. Watching her get destroyed at the party was heartbreaking. Now I remember why I do ditch and run deliveries!
gypsy lady gets a bit of colour still a way

gypsy tattoo london

still a way off being finished - but she's looking pretty!!! Tattoo by Saira Hunjan @ Goodtimes, London
Gypsy Rose A '20s girl

gypsy head tattoo

A '20s girl head after a Tattoo Jack flash design. Still got a daily rose (or two) in there!
gypsy water color. i

traditional gypsy head tattoo

water color. i had originally colored this senorita in a while back with color pencil. decided to re-do it. a little bigger than my palm.
Sugar Skull iPhone 3g Case Available at

free gypsy skull tattoo design

Available at Check out my website for more art!
Veil Gypsy 1 Tattoo of a

gypsy skull tattoos

Tattoo of a Gypsy with a skull veil.
07/03/2010 the back of

gypsy sugar skull tattoo

the back of my leg tattoo! it wont fit in one photo, and i was having trouble getting the angle and lighting right.
yep... 3rd attempt at

traditional gypsy tattoo

3rd attempt at watercolor. think i'm getting the hang of it... coulda been better, but whatevs. let me know if you're interested in buyin a print for cheap.
peek of owl I realised I

gypsy sleeve tattoo

I realised I hadn't uploaded pics of this finished, so I thought I'd better take some. It's tricky taking pics of your own arm, you know. Tattoo by Saira Hunjan @ Goodtimes, Shoreditch
old skool tattoo style gypsy head traditional tattoo style

gypsy head

traditional tattoo style gypsy head, acrylics on canvas original. banner reads 'lost soul'
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Three random tattoo ideas

Wolf Am I MODEL: Bianca Jade

sunset tats

MODEL: Bianca Jade De Lisi MAKE UP / HAIR STYLIING: Angela Mutty A shoot loosely based on the character Princess Mononoke. I've always wanted to do a subtle shoot like this and this location in Shelford was gorgeous. I don't tend to upload very often these days because i'd rather upload to my 500px ( ) or my tumblr ( ) So let me know what you think. It's been a while since i've done a model shoot so your opinions would be appreciated. Peace!x
vambora c feliz? euzinha pra vcs!!!

estrela como tatoo

euzinha pra vcs!!! ^^ quase não posto foto minha aqui né? pois é...e aquela coisa nunca tenho tempo e mtas vezes nem vontade de me fotografar...falta tempo!!aff! aqui eu estava indo passear com maridão e ai então ele me fotografou... ^^ um ótimo fds pra todos, te adooooorooooo flickr! Ah!!!! gente eu to no twitter siga me os bons!__________________ hahahahaha @evapolyana te espero lá!