Haida - Tattoowise

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Water bracelet-left ©2011 Corey Moraes,

haida jewelry

©2011 Corey Moraes, photo courtesy of Inuit Gallery www.coreymoraes.com contact@coreymoraes.com
Close-up (unwashed) Note the blue-into-black

haida designs

Note the blue-into-black shading... very nice :)
tattoo-design 03 Self made design

haida tribal tattoo

Self made design for a tribal tattoo. represents a lobster and turtle. based on haida art combined with maori print on the back.
ryan' 3/4 'space whale' sleeve 1 i'm pretty pleased

haida whale

i'm pretty pleased with the way this has turned out. been a long time in the making. rivers lead up to purple silhouetted mountains with aurora lights in the sky above. sky turns into space where a haida style whale, sun, & raven (not visible in this photo) as well as the constellation orion all reside. i traded out this entire tattoo for massage! :) CUSTOM PIECE! PLEASE DO NOT STEAL!
Haida Souvenir from Canada

tatoo haida gallery

Souvenir from Canada
Atlas Tattoos, by Dan Gilsdorf and Lewis Hess 3.29.09 Oregon. 10 sec.

whale haida

Oregon. 10 sec. timer on, camera sitting on a rock. I'm not mad. I just don't see the point in "smile for the camera". Not for this kind of photo anyway.
haida indian style canada geese tattoo did this haida

free haida tattoos

did this haida indian style canada geese tattoo in.. where else? CANADA! tattoo by dublin ireland tattoo artist 'Pluto'
Pic of my tat, traced in ink. This is the

haida art

This is the tattoo I have on my left shoulder. I need help coloring it in... Traditional Haida colors are red and black... but let's be creative. I have a few ideas on my page.
IMGP0102.JPG Close up Haida

haida ink

Close up Haida artwork completed with all of the fill ins. This was done at Bears Skin Art - www.tattoosbybear.com
haida sun indian tattoo haida sun indian

haida sun

haida sun indian tattoo by dublin ireland tattoo artist 'Pluto'
Pisces Tattoo ...or a pshop

haida tatoo

...or a pshop mockup of how i might like said tattoo.
2000 - Matts Back Experiments 3 Not a tattoo

haida tattoo design

Not a tattoo but a freehand marker drawing on Matt's back. He wanted to see what a backpiece would look like on him so I obliged. He ended up getting a design of his own creation later on: www.flickr.com/photos/hypersapiens/304016611/in/set-72157...
ryan's space whale 3/4 sleeve (outside) custom piece! DO

haida tattoo sleeve

custom piece! DO NOT STEAL!
haida whale coverup tattoo He had these

haida tattoo whale

He had these two wierd shaped cones on his back ( you can see part of other side) madde them both into haida style whales! this photo taken before red added and other side done, unfortunatley cant find photo finished tattoo by dublin ireland tattoo artist 'Pluto'
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Three random tattoo ideas

My ankle Tattoo This isn't the

ankle tattoos of butterflies

This isn't the best picture but there's no one home to take it for me, lol.
Wheee! I have the Socks! :-) / Day 313 Ahem. To the

tattoo socks

Ahem. To the tune of The Brady Bunch: Here's the story, of a man named Rexy , Who was driven to do things that were fun. He found some socks he thought were cool, he really dug them, They were striped and full of colors that did not run. Here's the story, of a big idea, to spread the socky love throughout the land, A group was started and the news traveled fast, and Amber jumped right in to make a stand. And that one day when Rexy met these stripeys, And he knew it was much more than a fluke, He would don those socks with no shame whatsoever, With the big fat hearts that make you want to puke. With big fat hearts that make you want to puke! And here are all the Sisters who have donned the socks thus far... ambrosialove, 62uolegnaiam, cherron, skyemama, dyxie, alaskanmariner, northpolemama, mivox, kungfukitten, qathi, amanky, rachel-b, rachel k, kisluvkis, a girl and her dog, pebbles6,