Hair - Tattoowise

hair flip almost knocked myself

hair tattoo model

almost knocked myself out during this shoot.
Taste Hair is growing!

simple hair tattoos

Hair is growing!
"skin deep" magazine model. practising

hair tattooing

magazine model. practising on my shading and portraits really. i would like to get a tattoo apprenticeship. first stage.
Sebastian Professional - The Looks shoot, SmashBox Studios, Los Angeles © Copyright 2008

tattoo design for hair stylist

© Copyright 2008 Sebastian Professional. All Rights Reserved.
Short please. Baltimore, MD

hair tattoo clippers

Baltimore, MD
Photoshoot: Jessi Photo by Sherrie

picture hair tattooing

Photo by Sherrie Thai of
Tattoo Love Heart Red Flower Barrette

rockabilly hair accessories

Three random tattoo ideas

nagas - on the verge of extinction In Burmese Naga

tatoo gallery asia

In Burmese Naga culture only those 'brave' men who have at least one hunted (human) head to their names are permitted to tattoo their faces. Arguments will have been settled upon the home bringing of the opponent's head, or better still his wife's (to get a wife's head means that one had to fight the husband first). Luckily, I understand, the last head rolled in 1996, so I felt relatively safe... But, sadly, also, this culture is on the verge of extinction. Nagas live along the very north west corner of Burma and across this border in India. Indian Nagas have been converted to Christianity by busy missionaries and in Burma, the government has started exploiting this culture for tourism.
People of Malta Malta - Valletta


Malta - Valletta
Crow Woman Amazing work in

crow bird tattoos

Amazing work in progress