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hair flip almost knocked myself

hair tattoo model

almost knocked myself out during this shoot.
Taste Hair is growing!

simple hair tattoos

Hair is growing!
"skin deep" magazine model. practising

hair tattooing

magazine model. practising on my shading and portraits really. i would like to get a tattoo apprenticeship. first stage.
Sebastian Professional - The Looks shoot, SmashBox Studios, Los Angeles © Copyright 2008

tattoo design for hair stylist

© Copyright 2008 Sebastian Professional. All Rights Reserved.
Short please. Baltimore, MD

hair tattoo clippers

Baltimore, MD
Photoshoot: Jessi Photo by Sherrie

picture hair tattooing

Photo by Sherrie Thai of
Tattoo Love Heart Red Flower Barrette

rockabilly hair accessories

Three random tattoo ideas

Traditional Magic Tattoos. An interesting guy,

khmer traditional tattoo

An interesting guy, he's is also a fortune teller too. By reading peoples hands, he knew things about them that he could not have known. The ink is made by mixing a dry pigment in the form of a small black block with rice wine. I'm guessing that the alcohol acts as a disinfectant. His needle resembles a car ariel - telescopic and metal with a twin pointed tip. After the tattooing, he blesses them, blows over them and does a chant. This is a different experience to that in Thailand. I ran out of time to have one as it was all a bit last minuet, the day before my flight back, but when I'm back I most certainly will.
tout ce qu'il faut c'est l'amour "all you need

tattoo love gallery

"all you need is love" i was going to wait until next week to shoot this, but i actually did my hair today (which rarely happens). this is the long overdue tattoo picture. i'm going to have ryan take a different one later (one you can actually see). this was the best i could do, given my lighting and space. one last thing, a HUGE thanks to Artie for my first testimonial. definitely put a smile on my face View Large On White FRONT PAGE! i can't stop smiling :) thank you guys! Explored! #2! highest yet :D