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With the words of a love song "If I Die

desenhos de tatuagens de hamsa

"If I Die Young" The Band Perry onehundredandfiftytwo.365
Hamsa Bob Queiroz Brazilian


Bob Queiroz Brazilian Tattoo Artist São Paulo - Brazil - novaescola4@hotmail.com www.gellystatoo.com.br 55 11 3813-7239
Even now (19/52) "Even now"

hamsa hand tatoos

(19/52) "Even now" by Dashboard confessional GREAT song! makes me cry every time i hear it... but it's still amazing! So it is a new year.... i've got a lot of new and exciting things happening... starting off I am now a vegetarian and have been for 13 days. It's not as hard as i thought it was going to be, it's actually pretty easy so far. I am a college grad now! Sooo the job hunting has begun and i have a group interview on Thursday with an ad agency in downtown Atlanta. Wish me lots of luck please! Also have a few trips coming up! Next month I'll be in Gatlinburg, TN staying in a cabin with the family for some much needed relaxation. March holds a roadtrip for me and my roomie to New Orleans for a citizen cope concert and exploration, I haven't been to Nola since Katrin
Planned Sleeve(s) so each of

hamsa hand tattos

so each of the pieces are actually a tile from Israel, and one will be on each of my arms (upper sleeve)... but it might take a while, wording like that is intense detail.
destroyer a tattoo. Michele

hamsa para tatuagem

a tattoo. Michele 's tattoo. da te pretendo un fave.
Eye c u Earth Fair, April,

hamsa tattoo eye

Earth Fair, April, 2009 Balboa Park, San Diego, California
I am certain This is my

hamsa tattoo wrist

This is my newest tattoo... i got it a few days before christmas. This symbol is called a Hamsa (it's Arabic) and it's suppose to keep evil and negative people/ emotions away. Hopefully it will also bring me a little good luck. I love it!
1st tat Hamsa with a

hamsa tatuagens

Hamsa with a 'Chai
Hamsa Right Hamsa outline with

hand of hamsa tatoo picture

Hamsa outline with the third eye.... 2 hours after completed. the whole Hamsa should be completed by the end of the month.
Hamsa My first tattoo,

henna tattoos hamsa

My first tattoo, a hamsa with a green evil eye. A hamsa is a symbol to bring good luck, protection, and happiness. Yes it hurt but not as bad as everyone made it out to be. Done by Charles Perdices at the After School Bully Club in Pittsburgh, PA
Hamsa Left Hamsa outline with

tattoo and hamsa hand and images

Hamsa outline with the star of david.... 2 hours after completed. the whole Hamsa should be completed by the end of the month.
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Three random tattoo ideas

 E lascio andare

shadow tattoo shoulder

E lascio andare dietro le spalle tutti i miei guai in fondo non ci sono piu' stelle nei cieli tuoi ma dovrei ribellarmi e poi me ne andrei stavolta e' per sempre.
I need to remember sometimes... Today I went

free tattoos of a phoenix

Today I went out with my friend Mandy (yes, the bride whose wedding I shot last weekend). Once in a while we get in a car together and go shopping. Usually window shopping, although today was a successful day for shorts. Not so successful in the pink sweater department. That's another story entirely. I had a moment of surprise in a dressing room today, when I put on a little dress and noticed my tattoos, each taking up half of my upper arm. Thats's some big real estate on a little body. The surprise was simply that most days I don't notice them. Since I've gotten them they've become such a part of me, it doesn't occur to me always that they're even there. I get out of the shower in the morning and moisturize them (have to keep the skin healthy so they look good) and if I'm going to expose them to the sun they get covered in SPF50, with Parsol 1789 no less. They're such a piece of me that aside from my rituals to keep them looking amazing I largely ignore them. I have no regrets re