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My second tatoo I believe I

tatoo happiness

I believe I got this tat when I was eighteen. A friend of mine wanted to get her first one and didn't want to go alone so I went with her and got one myself. It means happiness.
Bluebells in May I went back

tattoos happiness

I went back to my bluebell woods today, the light was perfect, I love the abstract shapes that set the scene and time of year. www.sharoncooper.co.uk Facebook | Twitter | 500px | Blog
"Happiness." Nikon D40 :

happiness symbol tattoos

Nikon D40 : 18-55mm Outer Banks '09
FPS Any picture without

happiness tattoos

Any picture without a clear subject is going to get these arms photoshopped into the bottom center. . .
August 28-September 2, 2008 ...thank you, Jilly.

love peace and happiness tattoo

...thank you, Jilly. What an amazing capture.
July 4th A family friend.

neck tattoo happiness

A family friend.
Silent sigh It was such

tattoo gallery happiness

It was such a gorgeous day. From this morning's session with Realize. Many more on the way.
Mommy To Be Taken at her

tattoos about happiness

Taken at her baby shower. Model: mommy to be, Tiana.
Temet Nosce / Mermaid Parade / Coney Island / Brooklyn / New York City / 2007 This photo is

tattoo design for happiness

This photo is part of the Coney Island Mermaid Parade 2007 set. Related Flickr Collection Gay Pride New York 2007 (Collection) SML Events (Collection) SML People (Collection) Content Syndication You may syndicate this content for non-commercial purposes as long as you attribute credits to me. Commercial usage will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Model Credits If you are the model of the photograph, email me at seeminglee+flickr@gmail.com so I can give you proper credits. SML Copyright Notice Copyright 2007 See-ming Lee ( SML Pro Blog ). All rights reserved.
Self Portrait I feel like

the key to happiness tattoo

I feel like I might need a little help in order to smile today.. =/

Three random tattoo ideas

NIGHT of the DROWNING CLOWNS Here's one for

a dream within a dream tattoo

Here's one for you Clown enthusiasts. It did not really begin this painting with anything in my mind having to do with Clowns. I was thinking of a dark slow moving sewer. I was thinking of black water moving slow along in a drain pipe under a city. The water polluted with the waste of the dwellers above. The dank smell of urine, feces, rot and decay. Mildew and scum. The slimy walls of the inside of the pipe covered with fuzzy horrors, rats and cockroaches. Spiders and worms. Dead animals writhing with maggots as they flowed down stream with the current. Huge green and blue black flies feasting on sludge and goop. Then, I visioned a man. A man swimming or wading through this gross morass. He has blisters and boils and cancerous growths covering his body. One of his eyes gone, replaced with an "eight ball"! (haHA!) Then I realized, "This is a clown!" A SEWER CLOWN! Perhaps I should
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