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Retro Lynette 86 Isn't Lynette adorable!


heart tattoo designs trees

Isn't Lynette adorable! I made her be my model, put on a sexy red dress, and join me at Waller Park, where she endured two hours of pedantic conversations and lame attempts at pose directions. Enjoy!
Beneath The Skin (WIP) 113 The last piece

skull and heart tattoo ring

The last piece in the series is a bowl, based on the original drawings. The bowl with a skull in the middle. The drips are shibuichi 25/75 and the bowl inner is shakudo. The outside of the bowl is sterling silver and 50/50 shibuichi. The skull is fine silver.
Big Fish 3/3/12 Aquarium London old street female love

heart friend tattoo

female love
heart tat why this one

heart broken tattoo

why this one turned out so well i do not know.
Lookin' like a little boy 5D | 35L

open heart

5D | 35L Late-night smoke break. Demetra (Matt's fiance) agrees with me when I say that Matt looks like a little kid in this photo... SCORE!

heart and baby name tattoo

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Our little man is nearly here and his room is nearly ready! just needs the carpet and we're ready for him!
Cody's pissed -Mess with the

awesome heart tattoos

-Mess with the bull, you get the horns. Spent all day at Sacred Heart Tattoo a couple of days ago... here's a few things that happened during my day with the dudes.
THE AILMENT The Ailment –

bare heart

The Ailment – Sippy Downs, QLD Australia – Sunday, 8 March 2009 Strobist Info (this ordering may or may not have changed throughout the shoot): - 1 x Bowens Gemini Esprit 500WS – shot bare camera left - 1 x Bowens Gemini Esprit 500WS – shot bare camera right - 1 x Bowens Gemini Esprit 500WS – shot through beauty dish camera right - 1 x Bowens Gemini Esprit 500WS – shot bare from behind - 2 x Bowens Travelpacks – powering 2 x 500WS strobes each - Canon 5D Mark II w/ BG-E6 - Canon 28-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM - Elinchrom Skyport Universal Triggers P.S. I’m not taking a rip on oli sykes or bring me the horizon I love his band and their music and they are awesome individuals, it’s just a running joke we had going with the singer josh and the rest of the band for the day… FINALLY IM DONE EDITING SO… HERE COMES THE PAINT HAHAHA!!! I love abandoned houses like ridiculously love them to an extent no person should their character is awesome there is a sense of mystery and always a story as to how the place got that way and plus if we break something being absolute idiots getting the shot we want or getting black paint all over the shop because the guys don’t understand the fact I want it on them doesn’t really matter (keep your eyes peeled for the shots to come) and that to me makes for an awesome shoot… The Ailment are an awesome band from the sunshine coast, I got the time to hang out with them and shoot their promo’s past Sunday and this is what I’ve come up with so far got a tonne more to edit two more locations slash themes figured I’d edit in the order I’ve taken the shots just to be easy, got a mad t-shirt tan slash camera tan from this location so hot sliced my legs up real bad too but it was fun, all the guys are really awesome dudes really genuine people and their music absolutely shreds, I’ll be working with them again soon on their forthcoming EP out later this year, you can go check them out here I strongly recommend you listen to their stuff the ailment myspace or stalk them at their shows… 4 Apr 2009 - Princess Theatre - signal, ATV, HOC, Shredded intestines, tomb of doom - Brisbane, Queensland 24 Apr 2009 - Gympie senior citizens hall - PROVOKE, PRIDE OF PLACE AND MORE - Gympie, Queensland also cheers go out to my brother, josh’s girlfriend and his 8 week old puppy for helping me do the dirty work and assist me during the shoot it would have been a shocker without your help… and alternatively feel free to stalk my life THE BAKE HOUSE @ WORDPRESS
63. Jeannette "Netta" Arrowood dimples! curls! flirty

curly heart tattoo

dimples! curls! flirty tattoos! i love this girl. she throws a little sass into everything.
Names Christopher and Sebastian Made into a Butterfly Shaped Tattoo by Denise A. Wells I have been

heart tatoos made of vines

I have been designing custom lettering for 20 years now.... ------- ----------- ------- You can 'like' my Facebook page of tattoo designs here: www.facebook.com/pages/Denise-A-Wells-ArtworksCustom-Tatt... ------- ----------- ------- You can contact me for your custom tattoo design at denyceangel_40@yahoo.com

Three random tattoo ideas

desi San Diego Wedding


San Diego Wedding Photography
#4 - Murderous lilies 10 hours later...

full back lily tattoo

10 hours later... almost finished. I must say i lovin it, but i have to make some details like white ink... oh, and yeah - that hurts a little ;)
ewing_briggs.jpg poster for the

name roses tattoos

poster for the Briggs ©BRIANEWING.com