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Mon Whatever Première bonne résolution

hidden tattos

Première bonne résolution de cette année tenue ! La gamine de 13 ans en moi est hyperfière.
Tube Tattoo Trying To Hide A Tattoo trying

hidden name tattoo

A Tattoo trying to hide on the tube.
Power Stance.... Model - J

hidden tattoos

Model - J Samone Smith
[96/365] looking in the mirror at myself self portrait sooc

hidden name art

self portrait sooc very busy today dont have time to take much else
A Disney Do George Reiger....The Disney

tattoos hidden

George Reiger....The Disney Tattoo Guy For MSH: Because You Only Live Only......You might as well "Disney" do it up......all over your body.
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Three random tattoo ideas

Becky by the light divided I got an

aperture tattoo

I got an old 50mm Nikkor lens off of eBay. The Becky was kind enough to stand still long enough for me to get to grips with the manual focus and metering! I think this photo turned out better than I could have hoped. Loving the f1.8!!!
Planet Express tattoo I got the

full arm tattoos logo

I got the Planet Express logo tattooed by Christine at City Body Art in Brisbane. It hurt, but was worth it.