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Mon Whatever Première bonne résolution

hidden tattos

Première bonne résolution de cette année tenue ! La gamine de 13 ans en moi est hyperfière.
Tube Tattoo Trying To Hide A Tattoo trying

hidden name tattoo

A Tattoo trying to hide on the tube.
Power Stance.... Model - J

hidden tattoos

Model - J Samone Smith
[96/365] looking in the mirror at myself self portrait sooc

hidden name art

self portrait sooc very busy today dont have time to take much else
A Disney Do George Reiger....The Disney

tattoos hidden

George Reiger....The Disney Tattoo Guy For MSH: Because You Only Live Only......You might as well "Disney" do it up......all over your body.
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Three random tattoo ideas

Miss Binki Mama with scars on her face, Karrayyu tribe - Ethiopia The Karrayyu are


The Karrayyu are a pastoralist tribe from Ethiopia living in the Awash Valley, around the volcano of Mount Fentale and the Metehara Plain. They belong to the larger ethnic group of the Oromos, who represent the majority (32%) of the ethiopian population. It is said the Karrayyu arrived in the area 200 hundreds years ago, during the so called « great expansion », of the Oromo, during which Oromo settled in different parts of Ethiopia,. This led to cultural diversification. In spite of local differences between those subgroups, they share the same Cushistic language (Afaan Oromo) religion (Waaqeffata) and governance system (Gada). The Karrayyu are one of the last Oromo ethnic subgroups to follow these rules and to preserve the original Oromo lifestyle and culture, and its pastoralist way of life. There are only 10 000 to 55 000 Karrayyus (because of their nomadic lifestyle it is difficult to have precise figures) whereas they used to be 200 000 at the beginning of the 20th centur
day 101 Another empty room

sad tattos

Another empty room in the house... I hate saying goodbye. Am sad today. Must remind myself of the lyrics I have tattooed on my arm... It's not meant to be a strife. It's not meant to be a struggle uphill. Song of the Day - Björk - Undo (the song those lyrics are from) total side note: this is the longest my hair has been perhaps in my entire life. I'd like to see it get longer!
we're all mad here "but i don't

forearm tattoos gallery

"but i don't want to go among mad people," alice remarked. "oh, you can't help that," said the cat: "we're all mad here. i'm mad. you're mad." "how do you know i'm mad?" said alice. "you must be," said the cat, "or you wouldn't have come here."