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Mon Whatever Première bonne résolution

hidden tattos

Première bonne résolution de cette année tenue ! La gamine de 13 ans en moi est hyperfière.
Tube Tattoo Trying To Hide A Tattoo trying

hidden name tattoo

A Tattoo trying to hide on the tube.
Power Stance.... Model - J

hidden tattoos

Model - J Samone Smith
[96/365] looking in the mirror at myself self portrait sooc

hidden name art

self portrait sooc very busy today dont have time to take much else
A Disney Do George Reiger....The Disney

tattoos hidden

George Reiger....The Disney Tattoo Guy For MSH: Because You Only Live Only......You might as well "Disney" do it up......all over your body.

Three random tattoo ideas

Maras Guy #1 View Larger on


View Larger on Black Mickaël has long been fascinated by Maras ; I decided to turn him into one of them ! My muse Bénédicte was my artistic director for this shooting! She chose a poem about love and death by Louise Labé and spent a few hours drawing carefully each word on his face! XVIth century poem meets Salvadorian toughest gang!
Boneca Japonesa Cover-up --- Japanese

boneca de tatuagem

Cover-up --- Japanese doll Mais/More: www.flickr.com/photos/sabrinaricci/4045676431 Antes/Before: www.flickr.com/photos/sabrinaricci/4045675781 www.flickr.com/photos/sabrinaricci/4046416172