Holding - Tattoowise

18 - Touched I had a

holding hands tattoo

I had a little help with this one. Strobist: Canon 270EX, on OC-E3, camera right high, 50mm, 1/32
IMG_0868 daddy & Row,

daddy holding baby tattoo

daddy & Row, 11 weeks
Holding Hands Visitor posing for

holding hands tattoos

Visitor posing for a souvenir photo in Saint Petersburg
Just Born! Proud Daddy and

mother holding a baby tattoo

Proud Daddy and Rowan, minutes old
IMG_0638 Rowan & mommy,

mother holding baby tattoo

Rowan & mommy, 1 1/2 weeks old
Father and Daughter Uploaded and moved

tatoos female holding baby

Uploaded and moved back in my stream for "familygetty2010" submission
sharing Nicadaemos, learning to

tattoo of mother holding two baby

Nicadaemos, learning to share "his" lap (Row's 9 weeks old)
IMG_0639 Rowan and mommy,

tattoo mother holding baby

Rowan and mommy, 1 1/2 weeks old
Loot Holle stuffed the

tattoo of mother holding child

Holle stuffed the piƱata with Asian candy-stuffs from Pacific Ocean. Yum.
"And this suppose to be a giraffe?! You must be trollin' me, Mom!" (Ozora Festival 2011) A scene caught

holding a child tattoo

A scene caught at the festival ground. Not staged, none of my festival shots are. Ozora Festival 2011.

Three random tattoo ideas

asian dragon tattoo, session 4 Session 4 on

japanese clouds art

Session 4 on my asian dragon tattoo...background outline on clouds and some more cherry blossoms...because, you can never have enough cherry blossoms! Jeff spent about 1 1/2 hours designing the background...then it was another 1 1/2 hours to do the outline. This outline is done in a light opaque grey wash, it will heal a bit lighter than seen here now. Will be pretty when we add shading and color in a few weeks!!!
220 star pararde around

tattoo on wrist scars

star pararde around my wrist. i passed out on the couch and have to do a cop-out picture. i sat around in tomas's hot, dark basement bedroom for a while tonight being deafened by the noise of his drums, chris's bass, cody's guitar, and another chris's occasional manipulation of a kaossilator . mostly it was just noise, but for a total of maybe two or three minutes (not consecutively), they magically came together and created something pretty sweet. now chris i could just listen to play bass all day long. sometimes i get in these weird moods where i want to be around other people, just without the interaction. just like a mean old cat who doesn't want you to pet it but will still sit in the room with you. i like listening to people's conversations and just observing if i'm reasonably
blangkas2 Sudenly catch a

tatuagem banner

Sudenly catch a "belangkas" (in Malaysia Languge) while go fishing.