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The latest tattoo While in Hawaii,

tattoo hawaii honu

While in Hawaii, I had a polynesian piece created and tattood by the very talented Alex at Tattoolicious. It was a great experience! Just finished here!
my Tattoo Cross with a

honu the turtle tattoo

Cross with a rose wrapped around it on the shell of a polynesian turtle.
Comedy Twin Got Himself A Turtle 'Too His Great Grandmom


His Great Grandmom doesn't appear all that impressed.
 We got matching

honu foot tattoo

We got matching tattoos to commemorate our trip to Hawaii
tiki turtle tee Hand screen printed

honu tribal

Hand screen printed with eco-friendly water based ink. Tee for toddlers. Black water based print. Sizes available: 2T,4T,6T 100% super soft cotton.
tiki turtle on toddler tee black water based

tattoo honu

black water based ink
tiki turtle tee Prototype. White Adult

tattoo tribal honu

Prototype. White Adult Women Tee. Hand screen printed with eco-friendly water-based ink
Honu Tattoo I got a

three honu tattoo

I got a Honu temporary tattoo at the Paradise Cove Luau.
flock of turtles on blue toddler tee Sizes available: 2T

what is a honu tattoo

Sizes available: 2T 4T 6T
John's new tatoo Either this or

hawaii honu turtle tattoo

Either this or a Maori one on his face!
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Three random tattoo ideas

MM for Martin Matthews Steph showed us

tattoo ace card

Steph showed us her tattoo - In memory of Martin
Down and out[Day229]* Too much to

tattoo gams

Too much to do today. Too much. I had a very impromptu photo shoot with a friend, I've gotta quickly put together them all TODAY. I had to quickly give another friend a quick fyi how to develop in a dark room. I still had to find time for a quick run -- hence the crazy hair. I still had to fix up a CSS file for a friend. I still have to pack. I still have to shower. I still need to throw XP on my Mom's laptop so she'll have internet when I'll be in Indiana. I had planned on stamping out a lot of this but the drama llama payed me a rather abrupt visit. The cleavage wasn't planned but whatever, I don't feel like playing around, one photograph. Set my XTi down after downloading onto Macbook and clicked with my XT, processed vintage and called it good.