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Japanese Horiyoshi Tattoo Japanese Horiyoshi Tattoo

horiyoshi japanese tattoo image

Japanese Horiyoshi Tattoo
Japanese Horiyoshi Tattoo Japanese Horiyoshi Tattoo

horiyoshi i

Japanese Horiyoshi Tattoo
giancarlo india 1997 yashica

horiyoshi iii design

india 1997 yashica t5
rug1 back and shoulder


back and shoulder pieces
 500c/m | 80mm

horiyoshi designs tattoos

500c/m | 80mm f2.8 CZ Planar T* | VC400
links Dragon on my

horiyoshi dragon

Dragon on my back, done by Horiyoshi the 3rd
Mark's Calf Another night in

horiyoshi iii

Another night in the shop.
Horiyoshi III and my crazy ass Brother Horitaka made

horiyoshi iii gallery

Brother Horitaka made this day happen. Up in Sensei Horioshi III's OG private studio...thanks Taki, you are a hero.
Bob Osborn, myself and my Knuckle Bob was known

horiyoshi iii tattoo gallery

Bob was known as "OZ" for many years. He published BMX Action, Freestylin', and Homeboy magazines among others. He is the father of RL Osborn, and the great Windy Osborn as well. To have him photograph my bike and I was a really big honor. He drove all the way out from Montana to spend two days of intense work to make it happen. Watch DicE magazine for the upcoming spread we did. This was inside the pro studio we used for part of the shoot. It was raining SHEETS outside, and the ride was SOOO sketchy on I-80 with jockey shift and cowboy boots...hahahahaaa!!!
 500c/m | 80mm

tatuagens horiyoshi

500c/m | 80mm f2.8 CZ Planar T* | T-Max 400 + 2 selecting the design for one's back could well be the second most important decision the client makes, surpassed only by the selection of the tattoo master.. www.facebook.com/horikuni
rechts right dragon, also

horiyoshi dragon tattoo

right dragon, also by Horiyoshi
Road Cult This was the

horiyoshi iii tattoo photo

This was the set-up for a shoot for an upcoming TV show
Mark's calf Mark is a

samurai horiyoshi

Mark is a good buddy, and we started this piece about three or so years back. We are both so busy, that it took this long to finally get the las session in last night. Just a nice, traditional Japanese samurai piece. Just freestyled the background behind some Horiyoshi III based figures.
Shading of kimono 6th session, 28

tattoo horiyoshi

6th session, 28 Nov 08
Good Luck This is the

horiyoshi iii photo

This is the center of Mark's calf piece...asymetrically placed, but the center! : ) It's of course a great symbol of protection and good luck in Japanese folk tradition to this day.

Three random tattoo ideas

Kristopher Says, "Go Shirtless for Christmas!!!!" You a Jew?

tattoo of polaroid picture

You a Jew? You a Jew looking for ways to spend your time while the rest of the world worships their fat man in red and their hippie-looking god? Here's a few tips, direct from the Back Alley Tabernacle: "With our Christian brethren stuck in their homes celebrating an event that most religious scholars agree didn’t actually occur on this date, the world is our oyster! Here’s a few things to do with yourself while you wait for the world to start again: See a movie. Or several. I used to watch between three and four movies a day on Christmas, as the city was Night of the Comet empty. Eat Chinese food. Those joints are always open on the Christmas, knowing that we Jews are wandering the city, much like we did in the desert, looking for a place to stuff our jesus-killing faces. Play on the web. With everybody hanging out with their MORE.
 Tattoo by Jotapê

tatoo de skull mexicana

Tattoo by Jotapê Pabst @ Black Hat Tattoos - São Paulo, Brasil
demented ME tattoo by

rockabilly tatto

ME tattoo by alex higgins