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Match Made in Kualalumpur! My friend Matheus

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My friend Matheus from Brazil and Iga from Poland met in KL and eventually decided to settle down.
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By Andrea at Have Fun Be Lucky in Baltimore
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my husband and I
he's coming home found out today


found out today that David is on his way home to the U.S. I'm ready for this whole thing to be over. I want to lay in my bed and hear the words "I love you" knowing that when I open my eyes he will be looking back at me.

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Smile for the camera I need to

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I need to stop getting tattoo's
A Trout K stuck her

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K stuck her tongue out when I was taking her photo on Saturday night. I made her do it again. And made her explain the blue lines on her tongue. Turns out it was from her rebel years. She didn't realize at the time that tongue tattoos really don't hold up. It was of a trout. I didn't ask why a trout. I'll wait until next time I see her. I'll make up a story until then and see if I'm right.
Secret #2 - 3rd August 2008 I am completely

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I am completely obsessed with my weight! I weigh myself all the time, pretty much every time i see the scales. I wish i could walk past and not worry but 5 years of dieting has made sure that i dont!