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Match Made in Kualalumpur! My friend Matheus

husband and wife tattoo

My friend Matheus from Brazil and Iga from Poland met in KL and eventually decided to settle down.
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By Andrea at Have Fun Be Lucky in Baltimore
element my husband and

husband tattoos

my husband and I
he's coming home found out today


found out today that David is on his way home to the U.S. I'm ready for this whole thing to be over. I want to lay in my bed and hear the words "I love you" knowing that when I open my eyes he will be looking back at me.

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Sesión picnic Sesión picnic
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Sesión picnic Modelos_ Mijo Sweetlove, Esther Martínez, Ainoa Alzuria Make up _ Ainoa Alzuria Vera Diciembre 2011
Man on a mission It's a beautiful

muscle dude

It's a beautiful day. There's a beautiful breeze and sunshine.
vous et nul autre. "you and no


"you and no other"