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Match Made in Kualalumpur! My friend Matheus

husband and wife tattoo

My friend Matheus from Brazil and Iga from Poland met in KL and eventually decided to settle down.
Fresh Ink By Andrea at

tattoo name of husband

By Andrea at Have Fun Be Lucky in Baltimore
element my husband and

husband tattoos

my husband and I
he's coming home found out today


found out today that David is on his way home to the U.S. I'm ready for this whole thing to be over. I want to lay in my bed and hear the words "I love you" knowing that when I open my eyes he will be looking back at me.

Three random tattoo ideas

Crossing your Feet This photo was

crucifix tattoo gallery

This photo was taken a few minutes into my weekend. I joked with a friend that I started the weekend off with 'foot fetish' photography! In actuality, a friend got a new tattoo and wanted me to capture it. I should have used the K1000, but ended up using the pocket Canon SD1200IS instead. No flash. Photo worked in Lr and Ps.
Tattoo by Didi Shot with my

red rocket tattoo didi

Shot with my Ricoh GX100. My tattoo from an other angle.