Illustrative - Tattoowise

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Three random tattoo ideas

Murder (in progress) My new tattoo

tattoo crow

My new tattoo after 3 hours. Drawn by Tony Morgan, inked by Jerry Ware. In English a group of crows is called "a murder of crows"
A Vapid Transit (left leg) This

brother and sister tattoo photo

(left leg) This reminds me of my sister and brother. Of free life. Of good life. Of independence. Of the pursuit of finding the never ending life to our dreams. Inspiration (right leg) This reminds me of my mom and dad. Of struggle. Of sacrifices. Of time. Of anything really significant that made me what I am today. Original photo of Mr. Ashi Fachler . Done by Opao Yanson . First Ink p*ksh*t emo. hihi