Indigenous - Tattoowise

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Tupinambá girl getting jambo fruit Serra do Padeiro,

indigenous brazil tattoo

Serra do Padeiro, Brazil took this photo while shooting this 4 min video
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Three random tattoo ideas

Project Koi #11 Koi tattoo -

tatuagem de flor japones

Koi tattoo - Mauricio Teodoro / Black Dragon Tattoo (São Paulo/SP/BR) The flower - a chrysanthemum. Today we finished the 11th session - 15h10 of work by now. Read about -
poppy 'to live in

poppy tatt

'to live in the hearts of those we love is not to die' memorial tatt done by Liam Sparkes at Shangri La, yesterday. better healed pics to follow.
Red Dragon Oriental style tattoo

japanese drawing dragon

Oriental style tattoo drawing by Elias Cruz.