Indigenous - Tattoowise

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Tupinamb√° girl getting jambo fruit Serra do Padeiro,

indigenous brazil tattoo

Serra do Padeiro, Brazil took this photo while shooting this 4 min video
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Three random tattoo ideas

Carrying the world... Or at least a bunch of damn good images of it. Couldn't wait to

bracelet tattoo

Couldn't wait to meet Ulric last night at our shoot. We like the same music, I'm a fan of his imagery. Only regret... Not taking shots together. So next time? Merci Ulric ;)
the Final Ink Run When with the


When with the GF to DV8 in concord, Ca. to get her tattoo all finished up. The full pics will come later once it's healed.
MYC...cigarette break the title speaks

the piercing girl

the title speaks for itself....