Indigenous - Tattoowise

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Tupinamb√° girl getting jambo fruit Serra do Padeiro,

indigenous brazil tattoo

Serra do Padeiro, Brazil took this photo while shooting this 4 min video
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Three random tattoo ideas

110 this will probably

hand symbol tattoos

this will probably sound barbaric, but i don't brush my hair on a daily basis. in fact, i only brush is before and after a shower to get out the hairs that have fallen out. in my defense, i've had it short for over two years. when it's short it's curly, and anyone with curly hair knows you don't brush curly hair. ever. now that it's getting long (and less curly due to the weight), i've started blowdrying and straightening it. anyone with straight hair knows you have to brush it. a lot. i think there must be something to those girls who brush it a lot, though, because my hair has been obscenely soft. i can't keep my hands off it. i didn't realize i was making such a sad little face when i took that top picture, but i have been feeling anxious tonight. once again i haven't been taking my pill regularly. 7/19/09 23:57
Parade Escort This was our

color tattos

This was our parade escort in the Louisville Artcar Parade. You can see the reflection of his real face in the shiny metal of the fire engine/party pool.