Indigenous - Tattoowise

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Tupinamb√° girl getting jambo fruit Serra do Padeiro,

indigenous brazil tattoo

Serra do Padeiro, Brazil took this photo while shooting this 4 min video
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Three random tattoo ideas

2/365 New tattoo to start the new year! 1-2-10 Live (life

live learn

1-2-10 Live (life to the fullest) Love (with all your heart) Learn (from your mistakes) And it's in my own handwriting which i think is super cool. :) Not a great photo but best I could do with one hand lol
blurred. <i>teary eyes bring

hippie quote tattoo

teary eyes bring blurred vision. this was an accident. didn't mean for it to blur. I was actually taking another picture of second henna tattoo. :)) ugly really. BTW. i'm back from summer break.
The Phoenix newest ink, #6.

skin tattoo around leg

newest ink, #6. done by Mouse at Mouse's Custom Tattoos in Millington, TN.