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Painless Tattoo

tato indonesia
sikerei family4 The Shamans of

traditional tattoo indonesia

The Shamans of Siberut - Mentawai
ZA in Bali Back from a

bali tatoo indonesia

Back from a super fun trip in Bali to celebrate Zach & Amelyn's wedding - perfect intimate ceremony during sunset & infinity pool as backdrop, close friends & family having ball of a time dancing & enjoying ourselves. That is what the true essence of a celebration should be. Here's the gorgeous couple in equally beautiful light. Happy weekend!
TY22 Star Nipple Time to include

tatoo indonesia desenhos

Time to include a few more 'tattooed youth' shots and what better way to do so than by revisiting some of my most popular models. For a long time my portrait of him was my most viewed photo (now it is number two). I'm not sure what people saw when they looked at that photo. My feelings about it are coloured by his personality. He was an angry young man, and I don't mean that in any positive sense of railing against the world's injustices. If anything, he was possible one of those 'injustices'.
Mike Marjinal Srengsengsawah, Depok, Indonesia.

tattoo indonesia

Srengsengsawah, Depok, Indonesia. We caught three plastic bags and a mutant snail!
Tattoo Check out the

traditional indonesia tattoo

Check out the behind the scenes documentary of this series on Vimeo © Joey L Joey L blog My tutorials My portfolio site Twitter Check out the behind the scenes documentary of this series on Vimeo © Joey L Joey L blog My tutorials My portfol
another song.... He had the

tatoo tribal indonesia

He had the best smile, complete with gold teeth! Originals shot with a Nikon FG in 1992.
with the Mentawai Check out the

tattoos indonesia

Check out the behind the scenes documentary of this series on Vimeo © Joey L Joey L blog My tutorials My portfolio site Twitter
McDonald's Kuta Beach - Kuta (Bali - Indonesia) McDonald's Kuta Beach

tattoo bali indonesia

McDonald's Kuta Beach | McDelivery 20/03/2011 12h39 Most McDonald's restaurants (I rather think all of them) in Indonesia offer delivery service. In some cases even 24/7. McDonald's Kuta Beach Jalan Pantai Kuta Kuta - Bali (Indonesia) Telp: 14045 Featuring: Delivery - McCafé Store#: unknown Date of opening: unknown
Cross Rasuna Apartment, Jakarta

tattoos de indonesia

Rasuna Apartment, Jakarta
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Three random tattoo ideas

May 31st Second barbecue this

bart tattoo

Second barbecue this summer, this time we started pretty late, around 1900 … before we could really start and had the grill heated up it was around 2100 so it was already dark when we went home. Thank god Tine not only prepared tons of fodd but also brought candles …
Tap test (2) Really rough test

dance shoe tattoos

Really rough test shots for my final uni project. I intend to take a look at dance in a way I have never far I have been heavily inspired by the work of Eadweard Muybridge.
 ... y así,

quetzalcoatl tattoo designs

... y así, en un instante, mientras volaba a toda velocidad subió por mi espalda, bajó por el hombro y quedó capturado en mi pecho. Es camino, destino, unidad, identidad, uno mismo, fragmentos totales, recuerdo doloroso, momento adecuado, final, tiempo, vida y movimiento, símbolo único y colección de significados. Mi primer tatuaje de (probablemente) varios, llegó a mi el 23 de agosto, resultado de la imaginación propia y el arte de El Diablo (tatuador de California especializado en arte mexicano que se encuentra haciendo una residencia en un estudio del D.F.). Es un símbolo al verse como unidad y una colección de muchos significados, cada trazo, cada número de elementos y cada elemento en sí tiene su propio sentido, referencia y propietario. Es, como se puede ver, una versión del dragón mexicano Quetzalcóatl y a la vez un camino, el significado de la unidad puede ser comprendido de primera instancia, el significado de cada elemento es un asunto privado.