Initial - Tattoowise

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New Ink, initial outline. This is the

e initial tattoo

This is the initial thin outline of the new piece, it was then darkened and left unshaded, temporarily.
What The Hell Is That Face? Kris Jaus, San

heart initial tattoo

Kris Jaus, San Diego, California, November 18, 2007
Cindy's Family Initials Tattoo... Every Letter stands

initial letter tattoo

Every Letter stands for someone...
Hiptych It's not real,

initial tattoo with design

It's not real, but I sort of think it would be cool if it was. More Kitschy ink , blogged.
Heart-Broken Kid Kris Jaus's Tattoo,

love initial tattoo

Kris Jaus's Tattoo, San Diego, California, November 18, 2007
finally... I've been wanting

script initial tattoo

I've been wanting this for years now. Finally ended up getting it done last night and I'm now in love.
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Three random tattoo ideas

Warhol Photobooth My imitation of

tattoo with 13

My imitation of Andy Warhol's first experimentation with photography in a photo booth. Strobist Info: One Canon 580ex bounce up into the ceiling with curved paper bounce card. Triggered w/ PW Plus II
Snake and Peacock Tattoo I just got

oldskool tattoos

I just got a new tattoo. It is the first tat on my back . It took about 21/2 hours. This is a Sailor Jerry Design of an intertwined snake and peacock. Tattoo by Terri Morgan, Socal Tattoo, San Pedro, California. Tattoo was just done on 01/10/07.
MichelePS Screwing Around in

tatuagem photshop

Screwing Around in Photoshop