Initial - Tattoowise

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New Ink, initial outline. This is the

e initial tattoo

This is the initial thin outline of the new piece, it was then darkened and left unshaded, temporarily.
What The Hell Is That Face? Kris Jaus, San

heart initial tattoo

Kris Jaus, San Diego, California, November 18, 2007
Cindy's Family Initials Tattoo... Every Letter stands

initial letter tattoo

Every Letter stands for someone...
Hiptych It's not real,

initial tattoo with design

It's not real, but I sort of think it would be cool if it was. More Kitschy ink , blogged.
Heart-Broken Kid Kris Jaus's Tattoo,

love initial tattoo

Kris Jaus's Tattoo, San Diego, California, November 18, 2007
finally... I've been wanting

script initial tattoo

I've been wanting this for years now. Finally ended up getting it done last night and I'm now in love.
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Three random tattoo ideas

Oriental desenho de catalogo

desenho japanese

desenho de catalogo colorido diferente.
wrist the tattoo on

tattoo gallery of wrist

the tattoo on my wrist means a lot to me. it matches with my two cousins, megan and samantha. not a day goes by that i don't look at my wrist and think of them. they are like sisters to me, a girl who never had any sisters. as the tattoo artist was firing away at my wrist, i morbidly said to meg and sam "now if i ever want to slit my wrists, i'll just think about you guys!" the artist was mortified.