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New Ink, initial outline. This is the

e initial tattoo

This is the initial thin outline of the new piece, it was then darkened and left unshaded, temporarily.
What The Hell Is That Face? Kris Jaus, San

heart initial tattoo

Kris Jaus, San Diego, California, November 18, 2007
Cindy's Family Initials Tattoo... Every Letter stands

initial letter tattoo

Every Letter stands for someone...
Hiptych It's not real,

initial tattoo with design

It's not real, but I sort of think it would be cool if it was. More Kitschy ink , blogged.
Heart-Broken Kid Kris Jaus's Tattoo,

love initial tattoo

Kris Jaus's Tattoo, San Diego, California, November 18, 2007
finally... I've been wanting

script initial tattoo

I've been wanting this for years now. Finally ended up getting it done last night and I'm now in love.
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Three random tattoo ideas

Covered_porcupine12 Covered screened at

porcupine tattoo brooklyn

Covered screened at Porcupine Tattoo in conjunction with the "Ladies, Ladies!" Art Show at Tattoo Culture on December 11, 2010 in Brooklyn, NY.
A Tribute to Modigliani and the Israeli Ethiopian Women Up until about

sorrow pictures and tattoo

Up until about 30 years ago there were hardly any Africans in Israel. Then, in 1985 and in 1991 two waves of Ethiopian Jews immigrated to the country. They came from a traditional agricultural country to an OECD one. To make things harder, they encounter awful racism (by people whose parents and grandparents suffered so much from racism, themselves). Their life in Israel is hard; not surprising they face major social and mental problems. For me, the tension between her tattoo and her lipstick symbolizes the situation of the Ethiopian community between past and present.
Atticus My new tattoo

picture of dead bird tattoos

My new tattoo and constant companion :D Based on the Atticus logo, related to the types of music I enjoy, the culture, the clothing and the people, as well as representing the Finch (Darwin) and my belief in science and evolution. This hurt. Lots. Bouncing off my pain threshold for half an hour during the shading. Big thanks to Fabio at