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Miami Ink. FotografĂ­a Publicitaria, advertising

tatuaje ink gallery

FotografĂ­a Publicitaria, advertising

tree tattoo white ink
Diablo Dance Party T-shirt design available

white ink dark tattoo

T-shirt design available at

white ink neck tattoo
 Bangkok, Thailand

white ink tattoo background

Bangkok, Thailand
Spicy ink A tattoo story....

white ink tattoo idea

A tattoo story....
Inked Up KIEV 88 //

white ink tattoos in la

One colour A very rough

white ink wings

A very rough photo (taken on my BB) of one of my wings..I'll get a good one up soon..
Yoji at the Hard Rock The guys from

yoji miami ink gallery

The guys from Miami Ink came through the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego, CA. to do a little live painting in the lobby of the hotel. Artwork is to be auctioned for charity. photos by: *please do not use without permission!
tattoo the colors this

ink ribs

the colors this film gave me are so cool
katch 1 tat samurai blackbook 2010

samurai tattoo ink

blackbook 2010
Command Tattoo On my left

ink symbol

On my left arm.

Three random tattoo ideas

I wanna refund it please...  49/365 This is a

small heart tatoos

This is a older picture.. today i dont know what went wrong.. But all i did failed big time, my stop-motion movie.. even my 365... so i digged one out from the old box... sorry!! Sucky day today.. not emotional, but just all went wrong.. even my kid didnt had his day.. He is diagnosted PDD-NOS a year ago, its a light autism with some over hyper active behavior.. And some days just jump out in the bad way.. Today was such a day.. and count with it that he is over inteligent tested to... And you got most times a mix in heaven, because i love him to dead.. but today it was a mix from hell.. Sometimes i wish i wasnt alone.. and i could say for a second.. here you take him.. because at some points even my patients runs out.. And i feel terible because i know he cant do nothing about those bad days.. But the hyper active makes him a ping-pong ball.. and the autism makes me not conect with him to calm him down.. and the little smart one knows just how he wants things.. eve
Escarabajo Egipcio en sombras R&R Tatuajes by

tattoo escarabajo

R&R Tatuajes by Renato C/ Alemania, 61 0034 - 828014095 0034 - 625169034 / 677387766 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
My Mendhi IMG_5637 Henna decoration for

mendi tattoos

Henna decoration for Gina's wedding just done one hour ago. It took the artist only one minute to paint on this design, which she created as she was drawing it.