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03-Ink Suzzara (MN) -

dream white ink tattoo

Suzzara (MN) - 12 aprile 2012 Follow also me on: Facebook | Google+ | 500px
Lithograph state 3 Lithograph plus yellow

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Lithograph plus yellow chine colle
Mitsuko Model:  Mitsuko

tattoo ink barcelona

Model: Mitsuko Stylist: Mitsuko Make Up: Elisenda Djinn Hair: Shibuya BCN ( Tattooes: Poker Tattoo BCN
Ann Pin up on

ink gallery in la

Pin up on the roof Make up : Lucy Headstone
2012-08-10 5DIII S FL Tattoo Expo 042 Wonder Woman ...

l a ink tatto com

Wonder Woman ... took this for Laura
DILLIGAF Do i look

miami ink angels

Do i look like i give a fuck
cthulhu tattoo combi-light 2 low light and

blacklight ink tattoo

low light and black light
shoulder4 The tattoo continues......nothing

ink hummingbird

The tattoo continues......nothing finer then having a fantastic artist!!

Three random tattoo ideas

tea & spinoza "... all things

quotes for tattoos

"... all things excellent are as difficult as they are rare."
Sarah's Magpie. Me and my

bird tattoo shaded

Me and my girlfriend both got tattoos of magpies together to signify the one for sorrow two for joy thing and they kinda reflect us because we tend to collect nice things.