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friends 3187+3933+3934 alternate MOC - 4 Mia tattoos Emma's

mia ink

Mia tattoos Emma's pet dog with a matching tattoo @ Heartlake Ink
Fashionistas Inside These girls are

tattoo lip in white ink

These girls are ready to walk the runway and you will be too when you carry this purse. Waiting for you at
Cover Up #1 - Stencil

white ink to cover up
Custom tattooing by Kirk Nilsen - Crown&Anchor - NJ Custom tattooing by

crown tattoos la ink

Custom tattooing by Kirk Edward Nilsen II Crown&Anchor 626 Ocean Road Point Pleasant, NJ 732-295-1654 @kirknilsentattoos - instagram
IMAG0063 Painted Lady Series

koi ink drawing

Painted Lady Series -Cuff All images hand drawn and colored by my self with Prismacolor colored pencils, then digitally scanned into my computer and composed to make this hand sculpted cuff. Inner metal cuff for stability and strength. No printed paper or stickers are used in my image jewelry. EVER. All image jewelry is made using a delicate and complex liquid clay transfer process.
Dan gets inked Dan gets a

squirrel tattoo ink

Dan gets a tattoo... check out the whole set here .
 500c/m | 80mm

seoul ink tattoo

500c/m | 80mm f2.8 CZ Planar T* | Provia 400F + 2 full body cover-up chest plates were NOT done by horikuni
Head Hipstamatica 023 Dagger handle

ink and dagger tattoo

Dagger handle

Three random tattoo ideas

tattoo The first picture

tattoo butt girl

The first picture I took for my black and white class, and the first picture I ever printed. Somehow, I don't think is what the proffessor was looking for. I dropped that class.