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Katch pen and marker

dragon pen and ink

pen and marker drawing on sticker paper 8.5 " x 11" on sale @
mermaid tattoo my tattoo by

ink mermaid tattoo

my tattoo by claudia de rossi / claudia babe @ jolie rouge tattoo london © All rights reserved - Please don't use this image without my permission
Tattoo day one 2 hour session

ink session

2 hour session and going back in 4 weeks for another 2 hours for yellow brown and tan with some more shading.
44 Key and Bee

l a ink tatoo gallery

Key and Bee by Chris O'Leary on Neil Westfall
New Tattoo - 5 hours later And this is

phoenix tribal ink

And this is the tattoo, 5 hours later. The photo is a tad dark, but I really didn't feel like moving my flash around to the proper area, so you'll have to deal with a bad off-camera bounce. Still though, I love this tat - and damn is it ever noticeable. It sorta yells I HAVE A TATTOO. I need to take a pic of my other one tomorrow for comparison hehe.
KAT The beautifully photoshopped

tattoo photo gallery gallery von la ink

The beautifully photoshopped Kat Von D.
tex Please don't use

tattoo white ink dallas

Please don't use this image on websites, blogs or other media without my explicit permission. © Lei Lei Photography, All rights reserved.
Back of Leg Portrait Tattoos Chicago Tattoo Convention

white ink tattoo chicago

Chicago Tattoo Convention October 1993

Three random tattoo ideas (26 of 26) Photos shot by

north side tattoos on girls

Photos shot by Anthony Perlas at Hooters in East Franklin in Gastonia. There was a Bike Nite show. Visit our website at
The Girl with the Graffiti tattoo self portrait XOXO

fran tattoo

self portrait XOXO I wanna make a book on Blurb but I want it to be something people will want to buy... Let me know what your fav subject of mine you would like to see as a book?? Underwater, extreme makeup, selfies, my travels?? If you have told me on FB no need to tell me again THX for the input!!! XOXO