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Tattoo after the second sitting, one more to go... So far this

chinese dragon ink

So far this tattoo has taken a total of 5 hours, I have one last sitting to go where the clouds and background will be put in, along with some line detail touchup. Design and Ink by Chad Cagle of Tuff Luck Tattoo, Carbondale, IL This photo was taken the day after I got color, it's still shiny from the A&D ointment ment to help speed the healing process.
siempre 6x7.5 $20

chola ink

6x7.5 $20
Vince Pavia as Peter Rison 2 Check us out:

flower tattoo white ink

Check us out:
Buddha Belly - Front This is a

ink buddha tattoo

This is a cool front-and-back piece. This shows the front of the Buddha that's sitting in his belly. The gentleman had a nice Buddha-belly of his own. Maybe it's double the luck to rub his belly :) Seattle Tattoo Expo 2009
elephant Custom tattoo by

ink dagger

Custom tattoo by Russ Abbott of Ink & Dagger Tattoo Parlour in Decatur, Georgia. For more information about Russ, please visit .
Morning After All artwork by

ink gallery tattoo

All artwork by Joe Capobianco of Hope Gallery Tattoo.
ian's tattoo ....5 hours later.

ink heart tattoo

....5 hours later. the backstory..... on our honeymoon, ian was reading a tattoo magazine that had a featured article on "noon" a tattoist in france, and commented on how much he loved the tattoo style. once our travel plans to paris were finalized, i contacted noon and surprised ian with a tattoo appointment as a birthday gift. we gave him a general idea [skeleton with heart], and gave him artistic freedom to do his work. very happy with the results.
New Ink - Session 6 This orchid is

ink orchid tattoos

This orchid is the last flower needed for my back piece. It appears on the right side of my back/waist, on the lower ribs (pain!) between the amaryllis and the old tattoo of orchids I have on my front right ribs. Manny has decided he's going to rework the old orchid tattoo to better match the style and color of the new flowers. So I've got another session before all the vines and leaves (like you see here) are added to the entire back piece. If all goes as planned, my back piece will be complete by the end of March. Then, we get started on the left arm. I'm hoping the entire thing will be done by the end of summer. Work done by Manny Vega at Custom Tattoo.
Samurai goldenwestern

ink samurai

107/365 :: Fly With Me To The Moon :: It's almost a

ink tattoo wings

It's almost a year ago I got this tat. it's becoming an addiction lately... I want to have some UV-tats as well. For FGR: Back-Sight
P1360633MC1 - Turntable tat DJ EvadE's turntable

ink tatu

DJ EvadE's turntable tattoo...The only turntable where no scratching is allowed! This was based on a stencil design which we shrunk down to 2"x3"... double, no, triple! cool coz this is his scratching arm and he loves graffiti even more than I do. Plus he's been my favorite DJ since day 1. So this is his payback for all those mixtapes. XD
white ink tattoo just after it

ink white tattoo

just after it was done, that why it is so red and angry looking
Celtic Beast On the underside

iruzumi ink

On the underside of my upper right arm. Work done at Southside Ink, Glasgow.
Dragon Work done by

iruzumi tattoo ink

Work done by Steve at Iruzumi, Glasgow.
Starasian Tattoo Art - Dragon Nass Inked by Starasian-Tattoo,

japanese dragon ink

Inked by Starasian-Tattoo, Paris France
Kat Von D Kat Von D

kat from la ink

Kat Von D at Borders in Lutherville, Maryland on 3/14/09

Three random tattoo ideas

Daga Diseños Personalizados Sebastian

rosa tattoo design

Diseños Personalizados Sebastian Araya Tattoo
my back still in progress

tattoos prosperity

still in progress