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MJ painting on his fake tats My friend MJ

octopus ink tattoo

My friend MJ let me draw on his arm and he really wanted some tentacles. He and I have a thing for tentacles. Hahah!
Welcome to Finca Dracula An extreme orchid

orchid ink tattoo

An extreme orchid geek expat friend, who at one time worked with this major orchid repository located in the western highlands on the Isthmus of Panama in Central America; oh, did I mention, that he's elaborately tattooed, as well (;~)>
Pacific Ink Tattoo took a shot

pacific ink tattoos

took a shot of the front of the tattoo shop. September 2009
Left Arm Full Sleeve (Inner) My left arm

peacock tattoo ink

My left arm is now a full sleeve,the bottom fill in was finished today. Tattoos by Terri Morgan, So. Cal. Tattoo, San Pedro, California. Old Peacock on lower arm was done by Bob Shaw at Bert Grimm's at the Long Beach Pike in the 1960's.
Phoenix Unfortunately I didn't

phoenix ink tatoo

Unfortunately I didn't get any good shots of this lady. New lens, no practice with it, argh. Anyway, it's a really nice phoenix, and her left arm has a cool tribute to comrades she's lost in Iraq. Seattle Tattoo Expo 2009
"può darsi ch'io.. ..sia troppo abituato

red ink tattoos

..sia troppo abituato al mio viso" Jean-Paul Sartre "La nausea"
It might blow up... but it won't

skull tattoo in white ink

but it won't go pop! if you can tell me who sings it you win a pint of fuck all or a big bag of bugger all. Your choice.
Creating Taken at the

south side ink

Taken at the 2011 Tattoo Jam, Doncaster
Comikaze Expo 2011 (LACC) (5 of 5).jpg Amy Nicoletti -

star tattos from la ink

Amy Nicoletti - from LA Ink. Gorgeous, intelligent, and a savvy businesswoman.
sugar skull finished! its not the

sugar skull ink

its not the best photo of my finished sugar skull tattoo! This was done by the always awesome Karla at Streetwise Tattoo. I lurrrrrrrve it :-)

tattoo done by la ink

Hey everybody, long time no post. Things have been super hectic over the past few weeks what with the tattoo season being in full swing and a hundred other side projects that are keeping me busy as hell. Hint: Wal-Mart, Target, Hallmark, here I come! Toryn Green, lead singer of the band Fuel, called me up about a month and a half ago because he had an opportunity to be on the TV show LA Ink. He wanted to get my Angel/Devil Ambigram tattooed on him as a nod to their new album that was just released on August 7th called "Angels and Devils." How appropriate, eh? So he asked for something a little more "rock and roll" than the plain design that I already had up on the website, and this is the final product that I came up with. The design elements on either side are TG's, his initials. Unfortunately, he was unable to get this design done on the TV show because their tour was unexpecte
Hedonistic Life Of A Clubber! Hedonistic cyber girl

tattoo pink ink

Hedonistic cyber girl clubber with a wicked tattoo on Friday nights debauchery of Creamfields international dance music festival, Daresbury 2008 © © All rights reserved
Ann Geek Color Make

tattos from la ink

Geek Color Make up : Lucy Headstone

Three random tattoo ideas

flwr Flower tattoo by

vines tatto

Flower tattoo by alex higgins
peony2 lisbon 2008.

peony waves tattoo

lisbon 2008.