Isis - Tattoowise

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Bultaco Tattoo By Ganesha Balunsat

tatoo of isis

By Ganesha Balunsat
P1340045MC Jason and his

egyptian isis tattoos

Jason and his Egyptian sleeve.
Tattoo 2 Another Egyptian influenced

goddess isis tattoo

Another Egyptian influenced image.The winged Goddess Isis, symbolising rebirth and protection.
Hermetic/Hieratical Some kind of

egyptian isis tattoo

Some kind of re-invention-test Golden Dawn paraphernalia inspired (Isis cult). Yeah, surely Mr MacGegor Mathers would laugh at me, probably ;) Especie de prueba-reinvención basada en la parafernalia de la Golden Dawn (culto de Isis). Seguramente el señor MacGregor Mathers se reiría de mí ;)
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Three random tattoo ideas

Dia De Los Muertos Original illustration. Mixed

tribal color tattoo

Original illustration. Mixed media promotional art for Shaire Productions.
day 184 Okay time for

stereo tattoo

Okay time for a confession: some days I don't know what the hell I should say in this description part. Sometimes I can't/don't want to explain my photos OR they don't mean anything... Today is a good example of the latter. This is just me sitting my in livingroom, wearing an awesome dress that once belonged my grandmother who was very dear to me. She is also the reason I got this tattoo . I've been doing a lot of reflecting lately (what with the whole packing up my house and getting ready to sell it, and the whole I'm going to be living in Scotland for a year thing, then after that, probably even farther...) and I've just been rehashing the past and thinking about my future. It's a hard thing to accept that everything you cherish is being packed away and everyone you love, you're leaving. I just know that I can't stay here anymore... On being here, when I want to be there: Song of the day - Simon and
Marks of Life Gray hair, tatoo,rough

tatoo in nepal

Gray hair, tatoo,rough left different marks on her. Kathmandu,Nepal,Oct.2009