Isis - Tattoowise

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Bultaco Tattoo By Ganesha Balunsat

tatoo of isis

By Ganesha Balunsat
P1340045MC Jason and his

egyptian isis tattoos

Jason and his Egyptian sleeve.
Tattoo 2 Another Egyptian influenced

goddess isis tattoo

Another Egyptian influenced image.The winged Goddess Isis, symbolising rebirth and protection.
Hermetic/Hieratical Some kind of

egyptian isis tattoo

Some kind of re-invention-test Golden Dawn paraphernalia inspired (Isis cult). Yeah, surely Mr MacGegor Mathers would laugh at me, probably ;) Especie de prueba-reinvención basada en la parafernalia de la Golden Dawn (culto de Isis). Seguramente el señor MacGregor Mathers se reiría de mí ;)
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Three random tattoo ideas

Strength An MRI will

the balance tattoo

An MRI will tell me more about what I did.
P5020013 the wife's new

tribal tattoo shark

the wife's new tattoo (left calf) - I created the design via modifying graphics I found on the web (distort - recolor - fill) and she uses this as her business card logo. Sorry the shot's so bright - flash really lit up due to the salve on her skin. Do you know how freakin' hard it is to find tribal shark images on the web??