Isis - Tattoowise

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Bultaco Tattoo By Ganesha Balunsat

tatoo of isis

By Ganesha Balunsat
P1340045MC Jason and his

egyptian isis tattoos

Jason and his Egyptian sleeve.
Tattoo 2 Another Egyptian influenced

goddess isis tattoo

Another Egyptian influenced image.The winged Goddess Isis, symbolising rebirth and protection.
Hermetic/Hieratical Some kind of

egyptian isis tattoo

Some kind of re-invention-test Golden Dawn paraphernalia inspired (Isis cult). Yeah, surely Mr MacGegor Mathers would laugh at me, probably ;) Especie de prueba-reinvención basada en la parafernalia de la Golden Dawn (culto de Isis). Seguramente el señor MacGregor Mathers se reiría de mí ;)
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Three random tattoo ideas

Brandon Notch 2011 Tattooist Brandon Notch

la inc saint tattoo

Tattooist Brandon Notch 2011
Glacier Ice Sheet Dynamics - Shear Stress Formula tattoo Dragon*Con 2011 held

tatoo shear

Dragon*Con 2011 held Sept. 1-5, 2011 in downtown Atlanta, Georgia. Visit the DragonCon site at: =================================== Please help save one of my favorite hobbies. The CPSC has declared war on Magnetic Spheres. Please sign the petition at the following link and let them know how strongly we are against this ban. Thanks for your support!
hawk with a mohawk up for scoring

punk bird tattoo

up for scoring at Threadless , help this t shirt get printed? edit: scorings done