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N I L _ 2 Model: Nil Gentern


j c tattoo

Model: Nil Gentern Fashion Music Video: N I L with music by Owl Vision Photos & Film by: Rico J Coria, RicoJC.com www.ricojc.com Follow me for updates, share and spread the word, much appreciated =) www.facebook.com/ricojcphoto
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Three random tattoo ideas

my skin My new tattoo

tatuagens em moc

My new tattoo ... a Mitch O'Connel design ... Thanks to Simone, my friend, who created it on my skin
The Ink Spot View of The

building tattoo design

View of The Ink Spot tattoo parlor on South Tacoma Way (Highway 99) in Tacoma, Washington Print version: society6.com/VoronaPhotography/The-Ink-Spot-5We_Print Follow me on Facebook
My ink It's a shaman

tattoo norse

It's a shaman death mask from the viking ages. This particular one was cut on a huge stone in honor of a dead king, and was found in the city I was born. It's on my arm to remind me where I come from, when I'm traveling around the world.