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N I L _ 2 Model: Nil Gentern


j c tattoo

Model: Nil Gentern Fashion Music Video: N I L with music by Owl Vision Photos & Film by: Rico J Coria, RicoJC.com www.ricojc.com Follow me for updates, share and spread the word, much appreciated =) www.facebook.com/ricojcphoto
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Three random tattoo ideas

Scabby Tattoo About 3 weeks

neko tattoos

About 3 weeks after the tattoo. Scabbing is very bad. A crust of scab almost an 1/8" in places. Allergic reactions to tattoo pigments are uncommon except for certain brands of red and green. People who are sensitive or allergic to certain metals may react to pigments in the skin by becoming swollen and/or itchy, oozing of clear fluid called serum is also common. People who are allergic to green soap should let their tattooist know before being tattooed, because the area is cleaned before and during the tattoo with green soap and it will ultimately get into the tattoo. A reaction to the green soap will result in itchy redness that may swell. It should go away with time, but can be very uncomfortable, so one should still consult a doctor.