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N I L _ 2 Model: Nil Gentern


j c tattoo

Model: Nil Gentern Fashion Music Video: N I L with music by Owl Vision Photos & Film by: Rico J Coria, RicoJC.com www.ricojc.com Follow me for updates, share and spread the word, much appreciated =) www.facebook.com/ricojcphoto
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Three random tattoo ideas

Composite #1 I know this

tattoo fire flash sleeve

I know this was posted yesterday, but several asked to see it larger, so here you are. My first composite ever. Background is a hangar from Star Trek Voyager. Nikon D700 + Carl Zeiss 35mm Strobist: SB-600 @ 1/4 power camera right into umbrella SB-700 @ 1/2 power camera left and high into umbrella Triggered through Yongnuo wireless system The journey is the reward. Please, no group invitations or badges.
Geisha cover-up Cover-up with a

koi lily tattoo

Cover-up with a geisha and a Koi fish, done by Mr. Red Dog Tattoo in Benalmádena Costa, Málaga (Spain) www.myspace.com/reddogtattoospain