J - Tattoowise

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N I L _ 2 Model: Nil Gentern


j c tattoo

Model: Nil Gentern Fashion Music Video: N I L with music by Owl Vision Photos & Film by: Rico J Coria, RicoJC.com www.ricojc.com Follow me for updates, share and spread the word, much appreciated =) www.facebook.com/ricojcphoto
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Three random tattoo ideas

Fun at the wedding 6 So yeah, the

wow tattoo

So yeah, the girl with the tattoo was pretty attractive- as if the first guys facial expression wasn't obvious enough.
grrroooowl I drew this

sharpie dragon

I drew this temporary tattoo on with a sharpie. I found something similar I liked on the internet and modified it to what I liked and then had my mom draw it on my arm. My dad (starfish235) took the pictures.
0207 Eye Ball Doodle This was inspired

tattoo drawing pen

This was inspired by another doodle that I saw here on Flickr. www.flickr.com/photos/cat-sidh/352083922/