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CrestFest Colquhoun (Scottish) Inkwork performed by

forearm tattoo jake

Inkwork performed by Fish at Th'Ink Tank in Denver
SoMeT Blackberry Social Media Tourism

tattoos with the name jake

Social Media Tourism Symposium tattoos
Compass Rose My compass rose.

name jake tattoo

My compass rose. Centered high on my back. Inkwork performed by Fish at Th'Ink Tank in Denver
August Burns Red @ O2 Academy Birmingham, UK 2009 www.myspace.com/augustburnsred

tattoos of the name jake

sailor rose traditional pin-up tattoo

jake delbene

traditional pin-up tattoo : usn tattoo : sailor girl tattoo : traditional tattoo : pin-up girl tattoo : navy tattoo : the quillian : jake delbene

Three random tattoo ideas

Time for a cleaning Taken with a

tattoos of tiger

Taken with a Kowa Super 66 using 80mm lens using Kodak Portra 400NC early last Summer.
Memorial Tattoo This is the

butterfly memorial tattoo

This is the rough, sloppy, badly photoshopped version of the tattoo I will be getting in Aodin's memory. I will likely be putting it on my left arm, sort of where my other tattoo is on my right arm. This one will probably be a bit higher, as the other one is sometimes hard to hide for work in the summer. My first tattoo was done by a tattoo shop near my parents' house. They did a decent job with it, but didn't take any real artistic freedom into it. I brought them a simple line drawing, and they gave me this. When my sister went to Alfie and Margie at Marks of the Spark in Frederick, MD, she brought them essentially the same simple line drawing, with the same centerpiece as mine but with slightly different side pieces that she had printed off the computer. She left Marks of the Spark with this! Now you can see why it will be February before I get this done, as they have a HUGE wa