Jake - Tattoowise

CrestFest Colquhoun (Scottish) Inkwork performed by

forearm tattoo jake

Inkwork performed by Fish at Th'Ink Tank in Denver
SoMeT Blackberry Social Media Tourism

tattoos with the name jake

Social Media Tourism Symposium tattoos
Compass Rose My compass rose.

name jake tattoo

My compass rose. Centered high on my back. Inkwork performed by Fish at Th'Ink Tank in Denver
August Burns Red @ O2 Academy Birmingham, UK 2009 www.myspace.com/augustburnsred

tattoos of the name jake

sailor rose traditional pin-up tattoo

jake delbene

traditional pin-up tattoo : usn tattoo : sailor girl tattoo : traditional tattoo : pin-up girl tattoo : navy tattoo : the quillian : jake delbene

Three random tattoo ideas

Iona My friend Emily

how to sketch a dragon

My friend Emily sketched this dragon onto another friend's back - ballpoint pen. fuckyeah-imeanfuckyou.tumblr.com/
Welcome to Finca Dracula An extreme orchid

orchid ink tattoo

An extreme orchid geek expat friend, who at one time worked with this major orchid repository located in the western highlands on the Isthmus of Panama in Central America; oh, did I mention, that he's elaborately tattooed, as well (;~)>
Love kills shot in the

spade tattos

shot in the woods witha lovely model kirstie. themed on a bad as srock chick killer who is sick of boys treating her like shit. i was the last straw...so she killed me. lit with a 430 through the shoot through section of my my 5in1 reflector and a 540bare for rimmage.