Jake - Tattoowise

CrestFest Colquhoun (Scottish) Inkwork performed by

forearm tattoo jake

Inkwork performed by Fish at Th'Ink Tank in Denver
SoMeT Blackberry Social Media Tourism

tattoos with the name jake

Social Media Tourism Symposium tattoos
Compass Rose My compass rose.

name jake tattoo

My compass rose. Centered high on my back. Inkwork performed by Fish at Th'Ink Tank in Denver
August Burns Red @ O2 Academy Birmingham, UK 2009 www.myspace.com/augustburnsred

tattoos of the name jake

sailor rose traditional pin-up tattoo

jake delbene

traditional pin-up tattoo : usn tattoo : sailor girl tattoo : traditional tattoo : pin-up girl tattoo : navy tattoo : the quillian : jake delbene

Three random tattoo ideas

2nd tattoo adding color in

tatouage kozyndan

adding color in june, can't wait!!!! i'll love it ten times more.
Hazelnuts Mark got a

celtic four tattoo

Mark got a new tattoo from the lovely Siobhan at Dark Wave. It's of hazelnuts, the Food of Knowledge that made that salmon so full of knowledge. Read about this all here.
195/365; a mother's wrath. close cap in

tattoo of a tree with roots

close cap in comments. today was awesomeee. i didn't know this big tree was at my location until i got there, and i was eyeballing it and shooting it on it's own just 'cause it was so pretty, then thought, "sod it!" and jumped in. my GOODNESS it was cold. but i'm really pleased and it was worth the wet feet. the last few days have been just, amazing. i'm falling in love with shooting all over again. location stuff is so much fun! just wish this place was closer to home. or i could drive to get there more often! re: close up - excuse my "bored" face, i was trying not to show how baltic it was! haha. facebook | blogspot (BTS) | website | tumblr | formspring group banner fiends and "awarders" will have their comments deleted, and their accounts blocked. absolutely no exceptions. you have been warned.