Jamaica - Tattoowise

No One Can Feel My... one of the

jamaica tatoo

one of the girls in the parade with an ambiguous tatoo on her side
Kartel I went to

jamaica tatuagem

I went to the Kartel Lecture in the hopes of catching some good shots but the crowd was just too awful

Three random tattoo ideas

ta-tau # 3 amsterdam may 1994

japanese tatau

amsterdam may 1994 tattoo convention at "Beurs van Berlage" best..... ta-tau # 3 on black feel free to visit my web site reply with dark © All rights reserved. Use without permission is illegal
GPG-4-Texture-1 More for the

tattoo apocalypse

More for the Street-Thug / Urban Monster-Hunters gallery. Strobist Info: 1x LP160 @ ½ power behind the model in 43” Westcott Bounce umbrella. (To light the corrugated wall.) (½ CTO cut) 1x LP160 @ 1/8th power (bare-bulb) camera left on Manfrotto 5001b stand (½ CTO cut) 1x LP 160 @ 1/8th power (bare-bulb) camera right on Manfrotto 5001b stand (½ CTO cut) 1x Nikon SB80dx @ ¼ power (bare-bulb) (Full CTO cut) Texture layers are shots from the ocean in Alaska, taken from a cruise ship. Camera info in EXIF