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No One Can Feel My... one of the

jamaica tatoo

one of the girls in the parade with an ambiguous tatoo on her side
Kartel I went to

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I went to the Kartel Lecture in the hopes of catching some good shots but the crowd was just too awful

Three random tattoo ideas

Cheers! White Walls "Family

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White Walls "Family First" January 10, 2009 - February 7, 2009
February 16, 2010 ~ Day Veintinueve Today was a

girl tattoo on spine

Today was a good day =) we colored our toungs blue in psycology to see who was a super taster =P according to my teammates I'm a non-taster even though I can taste things just fine =) Did stoichiometry in Chemistry (which I actually like) and then painted the masks we made in Spanish class. Overall a very easy day. I really like today's photo. To me it represents how as humans, all we tend to truly hold onto is ourselves. Whether we know who that is or not. As much as we try to open ourselves to other people, in the end we are all alone. I'm not trying to be depressing, just some thoughts that have been running through my mind lately. Although my iPod is on the fritz today, my song of the day is OI (This Time Around) by Helen Stellar. Its so relaxing and makes me beleive that there is always a second chance. Goodnight everyone. Sleep sweet.