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Japanese Horiyoshi Tattoo Japanese Horiyoshi Tattoo

horiyoshi japanese tattoo image

Japanese Horiyoshi Tattoo
Day by Day Tattoos By Gabe

japanese american tattoos

Tattoos By Gabe Garcia Iron Tiger Tattoo Columbia Mo
Mike Malone/Rollo Banks Angel Straight off the

japanese body suit tattoo gallery

Straight off the "Mr. Lucky" flash from '82 Doing these pieces from my sensei make me so happy. Just real straight forward meat-and-potatoes tattooing. Old Style.
Koi Tattoo Koi half sleeve,

japanese koitattoo

Koi half sleeve, session one done and healing nicely. By Ken Patten at the Tattoo Station, Newcastle upon Tyne.
Whiskeytown Bathroom Mural This mural was

japanese tattoo peonies

This mural was designed to wrap around the walls of the bathrooms at at a bar called Whiskeytown in NYC. To keep with the rock and roll bar's subtle nautical theme I designed the mural to evoke a clash between classic American sailor tattoo imagery and the more modern Japanese influenced tattoos. All of which was filtered through my own illustrative style.
Chest ink Close-up of Thack's

doll tattoo japanese

Close-up of Thack's japanese themed water, lotus and cherry blossom chest piece. You can also see his blushing good here.

Three random tattoo ideas

tatt1 - 30 I got this

male tattoo shoulder

I got this for my 30th. Influenced by the work of Keith Haring, it celebrates my role as a DJ at the time.
tattoo 31 Another Korean youngman's

zodiac tribal tattoo

Another Korean youngman's tattoo tattooed Feb,12,2008 by Peter Jung 144 fulton st. New York, New York 10038 (917)364-8133
Day 220 Rainy day! So,

tattoos rain

Rainy day! So, I spent it inside hiding behind the laptop :) B is sleeping, as always, and we saw a mouse in the flat today. Not the cute kind, the vermin kind! Although I do feel bad that we'll have to set more traps and take it's little mousey life away :( sob! The funniest thing is, B is terrified of them, and I'm the one who shoos it into the other room and had to get things because he's busy hiding on the sofa- 'I'm not going on the floor, it will bite my toes!' haha :')