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Japanese Horiyoshi Tattoo Japanese Horiyoshi Tattoo

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Japanese Horiyoshi Tattoo
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Tattoos By Gabe Garcia Iron Tiger Tattoo Columbia Mo
Mike Malone/Rollo Banks Angel Straight off the

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Straight off the "Mr. Lucky" flash from '82 Doing these pieces from my sensei make me so happy. Just real straight forward meat-and-potatoes tattooing. Old Style.
Koi Tattoo Koi half sleeve,

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Koi half sleeve, session one done and healing nicely. By Ken Patten at the Tattoo Station, Newcastle upon Tyne.
Whiskeytown Bathroom Mural This mural was

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This mural was designed to wrap around the walls of the bathrooms at at a bar called Whiskeytown in NYC. To keep with the rock and roll bar's subtle nautical theme I designed the mural to evoke a clash between classic American sailor tattoo imagery and the more modern Japanese influenced tattoos. All of which was filtered through my own illustrative style.
Chest ink Close-up of Thack's

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Close-up of Thack's japanese themed water, lotus and cherry blossom chest piece. You can also see his blushing good here.

Three random tattoo ideas

194/365: At a glance  This is my

friendship feet tattoos

This is my tattoo, i got it when i was 17. The first time i got it i was at a friends house (yeah i know big mistake!) and it turned out horribly the out line wasn't solid it had flowers in the middle and they were ugly. Then i got it redone by a friend who owns a tattoo shop and he fixed it for me! But more than the tattoo, the actual ink, i love my tattoo bc every time i see it i think about how lucky i am to have amazing friends and people in my life. My two best friends and I all got these stars together on our ankles. They are all different but they are all stars. We have been though thick and thin together since the 6th grade. We been there for each other though break ups and death, truth and lies. And it doesn't matter if i don't see them for days , months, or years when we do see each other it's like we didn't miss a thing. and I love them...I love all of my friends i am e