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Japanese Horiyoshi Tattoo Japanese Horiyoshi Tattoo

horiyoshi japanese tattoo image

Japanese Horiyoshi Tattoo
Day by Day Tattoos By Gabe

japanese american tattoos

Tattoos By Gabe Garcia Iron Tiger Tattoo Columbia Mo
Mike Malone/Rollo Banks Angel Straight off the

japanese body suit tattoo gallery

Straight off the "Mr. Lucky" flash from '82 Doing these pieces from my sensei make me so happy. Just real straight forward meat-and-potatoes tattooing. Old Style.
Koi Tattoo Koi half sleeve,

japanese koitattoo

Koi half sleeve, session one done and healing nicely. By Ken Patten at the Tattoo Station, Newcastle upon Tyne.
Whiskeytown Bathroom Mural This mural was

japanese tattoo peonies

This mural was designed to wrap around the walls of the bathrooms at at a bar called Whiskeytown in NYC. To keep with the rock and roll bar's subtle nautical theme I designed the mural to evoke a clash between classic American sailor tattoo imagery and the more modern Japanese influenced tattoos. All of which was filtered through my own illustrative style.
Chest ink Close-up of Thack's

doll tattoo japanese

Close-up of Thack's japanese themed water, lotus and cherry blossom chest piece. You can also see his blushing good here.
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Three random tattoo ideas

Ryo Love Possibly the crispest

headshot tattoo

Possibly the crispest headshot I ever took. Canon 17-40L, on crop camera @29mm f./6.3 which = about 47mm. Lots more of Ryo to come Even I'm excited because I know what, ....and it's hot! I can recommend both Portrait Proffesional 10 (£30 quid!) and this lens. I find it perfect for the studio, it allows you to keep a nice relationship with the model in proximity, rather than shouting across the studio space with a 100, or 135mm, and around the 30-35 mm mark the sharpest bit of glass around £600 in my humble opinion. Cons, watch out for the distortion at 17 mm end especially in the corners of the image. Used correctly this can make for some really useful effects when used low and really can exagerate leg length in a desirable way. www.flickr.com/photos/24569426@N06/6133730958/in/set-7215... Another tip is manually use just one focus spot selector to shoot the closest eye on the model and avoid recomposing as much as possible (instead just say using the centre spot), a bit slower, but seems to work. Around f./8 is perfect too. No use of this image without my prior consent in any way shape or form, thanks.
Yin & Yang Tattoo ...he was enjoying

yin and yang tatto ideas

...he was enjoying his chocolate bar - and she had a bag of munchies all to her own