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Sanja Matsuri The original article

japanese yakuza

The original article for this image lives at tokyo.japantimes.co.jp/post/en/545/Sanja+Matsuri.html
Marina September 2011

japanese sunset tattoo

September 2011
Peacock Tattoo Tattoos By Gabe

japanese flash art

Tattoos By Gabe Garcia Iron Tiger Tattoo Columbia Mo
Bob's Dragon Tattoo by JAY

japanese tattoo canada

Tattoo by JAY at PASSAGE TATTOO Toronto Canada www.passagetattoo.com
JOÃO: session 4 Arte e tattoo

japanese style chrysanthemum tattoo

Arte e tattoo exclusivas para o cliente.
Bakeneko, session #3 After third session.

tattoos of japanese cat

After third session. Inked: self. Tattoo artist: Daniele @ Kabubby Tattoo Ixus 130 2010
 © 2011-2012 petesonearth!

japanese black tigers

© 2011-2012 petesonearth!
Khai Nai Island - Girl with the Cherry Blossom  Tattoo Nikon D3, 28mm

tattoo sea japanese

Nikon D3, 28mm f2.8, 1/100 Sec @ f16.0, ISO 200. Polarizer. Fill-in Flash
flash dragon tattoo tattoo by John

japanese dragon tattoos flash

tattoo by John DeWeese
Cranes Back Piece Composition Cranes Back Piece

tattoo japanese cranes

Cranes Back Piece Composition, more info here : tattoo.yoso.eu/

Three random tattoo ideas

lonesome king via blackberry (incompleta)


via blackberry (incompleta)
THE DOG WALKERS Two ladies and

tatto koala

Two ladies and a dog resting. The lady in blue has a koala bear tattoo on her right leg, I don't know if there was a complimentary one on the left leg. I didn't like to interupt their busy day by asking. The other lady is having a cigarette as they watched Pat passing by on his mobility scooter. Sorry I didn't get him in the shot..............HFF. View me here: www.fluidr.com/photos/katiedee OR flickeflu.com/photos/35585734@N07 THANKS FOR LOOKING..........HAVE A NICE DAY