Japanese - Tattoowise

Tinta e pele Trabalho em progresso

japanese tattoo momiji

Trabalho em progresso
back of arm You can see

japanese tattoosleeve

You can see right above my elbow where we added the white to the claws of that foot...will be adding additional windbar shading around the foot there as well
Session 7 Mark is getting

japanese pagoda tattoo

Mark is getting busy on the outline of the pagoda. www.pindropr.com/?pin=163
Misha Print Release Party @ JapanLA Photos from the

japanese winter tattoo

Photos from the Misha Print Release Party @ JapanLA on December 5th, 2009. For more information on the Misha x Hello Kitty Prints, in a limited edition boxed set check-out the JapanLA website here: www.japanla.com/detail.php?design=2016
Caio Cover up. Desenho

japanese kanji tattoo style

Cover up. Desenho exclusivo, tattoo em progresso.
FUDO-MYO-O (GODAI MYO O) back piece tattoo FUDO-MYO-O

japanese koi to snake tattoo

FUDO-MYO-O (GODAI MYO O) JAPANESE TRADiTiONAL back piece tattoo fanatic tattoo yokohama , JAPAN KARYU-BONTEN
Dreamer Empress I had a

dark japanese tattoos

I had a horrible title for this.
Details Blogged here

japanese cloud tattoo

Blogged here
Oni (03) Tête Unoa Lusis

japanese oni full back tattoo

Tête Unoa Lusis modifiée, tatouage style Irezumi sur corps Dollndoll (septembre 2011). Poupée vendue. --- Faceplate Unoa Lusis mod by me. Irezumi-like tattoos on Dollndoll body (September 2011). Doll sold.

Three random tattoo ideas

My Fiction 42/365 Can you

tattoo blade

42/365 Can you guess which movie I love!?! See it LARGE on a black background
Emma Our special strobist

tatoo yes

Our special strobist test pinup edition!! Taken in Hamilton, Ontario. Please feel free to comment!!