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Dime's Dragon Busted all of

japanese sumi tattoos

Busted all of this rather quickly. Looking forward to putting a bit of depth in the koi and finishing the background. It's been a couple of years since this was done. I enjoy doing water and waves...it's all about Greg Irons who was a big influence..and had an imput into my work in a very real and personal way.
tatuagem pronta, bykiko Tattoo pronta ,

japanese tattoos flores

Tattoo pronta , bykiko tattoos
jeff's skull 02 drawn on with

flames japanese tattoo

drawn on with sharpie marker, then lines, and color. michael brito phase II tattoos www.phase2tattoo.ca
Red Dragon Oriental style tattoo

japanese drawing dragon

Oriental style tattoo drawing by Elias Cruz.
TOSL - ELF TATTOO Saturday, Happpy birthday

dark japanese tattoo

Saturday, Happpy birthday TOSL ! 50L for this tat !
demon snake tattoo demon snake tattoo

japanese demon tattoos

demon snake tattoo acrylic painting
Session 7 More on the

japanese dragon geisha tattoo

More on the chest. The clouds are going in nicely. www.pindropr.com/?pin=163
New Tattoos Started to finish

japanese sleeve tattoos of waves

Started to finish my 2nd sleeve on my right arm. All work by Marcus Kuhn.
Day 44/365 - Making Up Day 44 -

japanese tattoo cat

Day 44 - 25th July 2008 Me and Jak had an argument today. He almost killed the hamster. I sort of threw him into the living room because I was so upset and annoyed with him. We made up just before I went to bed. I think we're okay now. Oh and the hamster is fine too. Just a bit shook up.
A back tattoo Photo taken at

japanese tattoo festival

Photo taken at the Zaimokuza Festival on June 10, 2012
FujiRock2005 girl's tattoo Fuji Rock japanese

music tattoo designs in japanese

Fuji Rock japanese girl's back.

Three random tattoo ideas

Neil Clarke Model - Neil

full sleeve tattoos closeup

Model - Neil Clarke - 25 - Wirral Based Strobist: Camera right SB-28DX in a 36" hybrid softbox umbrella level with eyeline, at 1/8 power, SB-28 at 1/32 power camera left in the tree as a hair light both triggered via radio trigger
Carousel Submission for the


Submission for the 2009 London expo.
Schwalben by Stephanie Krupke

schwalben tattoo

by Stephanie Krupke