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tattoo japanese flag

Smokey Smoke and waterfalls

tribal and japanese tattoo sleeve

Smoke and waterfalls japanese style. Second part, moving towards my sleeve. Unhealed. And the tribal is an old sin.
麦BAKU Art by L.A.

japanese baku tattoo

Art by L.A. tattoo artist Baku Watanabe He can be found at Freak Chic Tattoo 7365 Melrose Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90046 323.951.1501 Myspace
©OPY®IGHT Equal Opposites

forever japanese tattoo

Equal Opposites
Back Tattoo - Japanese Seattle Tattoo Convention,

bme japanese

Seattle Tattoo Convention, October 1995
Tiger and Samari William Hickox /

japanese bamboo tattoo photo

William Hickox / Resurrected Ink / 333 Main St./ Delta Colorado 970-874-6862
Feels Like Home My new tattoo

japanese cherrytree tattoo

My new tattoo grew into a much bigger piece than I had originally intended! The really cool part is I got him to put in mountains in the background to remind me of home.
Moon, Sakura Pedals It's officially a

japanese moon tattoo

It's officially a moon- the Girl and the Boy both agree on that! (and, my freckles look like craters on the surface!)
Phoenix by Will Lollie

japanese pheonix tattoo

by Will Lollie @ Empire Tattoo, Asheville, NC
Phoenix Ink Phoenix Ink Art

japanese phoenix tattoos

Phoenix Ink Art from "Living Ink Series" I plan on creating twelve total in the series.. www.AlainVArts.com

Three random tattoo ideas

Hopeless Romantic 16 x 20inches,

wing tattoo original

16 x 20inches, acrylic painting on oval canvas $150 (to purchase or view more photos use links below) www.dangersjones.etsy.com www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?ref=vl_other_1&listing_...