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Japanese Tattoos & Kimono Montreal, 2012. Shot

japanese tattoos in montreal

Montreal, 2012. Shot in my living room, natural light.
Japanese dragon japanese dragon sumi/painting

tattoo japanese 2010

japanese dragon sumi/painting in progress for customer in canada. More Here! tattoo.yoso.eu/
Oni (05) Tête Unoa Lusis

japanese oni tattoo images

Tête Unoa Lusis modifiée, tatouage style Irezumi sur corps Dollndoll (septembre 2011). Poupée vendue. --- Faceplate Unoa Lusis mod by me. Irezumi-like tattoos on Dollndoll body (September 2011). Doll sold.
Battle of Ninjamanz Baroeg, Rotterdam, the

japanese battle tattoo

Baroeg, Rotterdam, the Netherlands, june 20, 2009
Clay's Sleeve Clay is a

david in japanese tattoos

Clay is a great individual, and has been a good friend for many years. To have him honor me with being my client is a big deal to me.
Peônia - cobertura Peony - cover-up

feminine japanese tattoo

Peony - cover-up
A Yujo being Tattooed 1930s Although tattoos were

gallery tebori japanese

Although tattoos were considered inelegant and high-ranking Courtesans avoided them, they were a common enough practise among lower-ranking Yujo (Ladies of Pleasure), leading professional tattooists to set up business in the pleasure quarters sometime around the early Edo period (1650s). Tattoos as a testament of love were always words or names rather than images of any kind. Their cache was in their permanence, but Yujo often erased tattoos by cauterizing them using moxa (a dried herb). According to “Yoshiwara: the glittering world of the Japanese courtesan” by Cecilia Segawa Seigle, first published in 1993, one Yujo named Sanseki is recorded as having erased up to seventy-five tattoos of previous lovers’ names (pages 192-193). This 1930s postcard is based on a much earlier woodblock print entitled “Painful: the appearance of a prostitute of the Kansei era (1789-1801)” by Tsukioka Yoshitoshi (1839-1892).
Hanya and cherry blossoms by Chris Adams  Hanya mask and

hanya mask japanese tattoo

Hanya mask and cherry blossoms by Chris Adams @ Under the Needle Tattoo
Shredda-Psychodelica Drew this a

hardcore japanese tattoo

Drew this a long time ago entered it in a contest, didnt win so that means this art belongs to me :B. She's Shredda Psychodelica! Born to rock out and tore ish up to the core!
DSCN1926 Traditional Japanese back-piece

irezumi dragon japanese

Traditional Japanese back-piece by Rob Admiraal (Amsterdam).
dragon lotus half sleeve back piece tattoo study 1/5 dragon lotus half

japanese back piece tattoo

dragon lotus half sleeve back piece tattoo study 1/5 www.yoso.eu for more japanese tattoo studies

Three random tattoo ideas

Rick Savage I really wish

florida tribal tattoo

I really wish this could be more crisp... still not familiar with the 50mm. So please forgive me! Simple edit.. nothing flashy. He was on the phone and I just had to capture his expression. The reason for so many pictures of this dude is because I'm always at his shop. Tattoos are my favorite thing and I love getting them. :] T2i 50mm
El discurso del Rey Viviana Bovino, Actriz.

imagen de tribal

Viviana Bovino, Actriz. www.residuiteatro.com Pentax. Film: 35mm color 200asa