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Lorenzo's back: work in progress he was in

japanese demon tattoo designs

he was in pain. a lot. and I had to clean everything up.
Dragon Tattoo Stage 1 of

japanese dragon and waves tattoo

Stage 1 of my new tattoo
tribal dragon tattoo black japanese tribal

japanese dragon head tattoo

black japanese tribal style dragon head tattoo by dublin ireland tattoo artist 'Pluto' on my friend Yoshi
Starasian Tattoo Art - Dragon Nass Inked by Starasian-Tattoo,

japanese dragon ink

Inked by Starasian-Tattoo, Paris France
Dragon Sleeve 針三昧 Tattoo by Gotch-

japanese dragon irezumi

Tattoo by Gotch- Harizanmai
First Blood Donating a little

japanese dragon tattoo artist

Donating a little to the cause...
dragon back piece session one May 17th, 2008

japanese dragon tattoos full back piece

May 17th, 2008 Got through most of the outline in the first session, about two hours of drawing and planning and three hours of actual tattooing. Next session, we'll be finishing the outline, which will include getting a claw tattooed on my butt. Tattoo by Lil' Tokyo Jiro @ Onizuka Tattoo, Little Tokyo, LA
mat's birthday pain! for mats birthday

japanese dragon white

for mats birthday i gave him some tattoo time :D
"I Can See Your Toes!" Dedicated to DJ,

japanese feet gallery

Dedicated to DJ, a dear friend of mine who passed away May 2-4 weekend 8 years ago due to Crohn's Disease. She was 19 years old. We met grade 9 and were close friends all throughout highschool. The tattoo on my foot is the Japanese symbol for friendship. Two other friends in our circle share the same tattoo in relatively the same area in memory of DJ. I never liked anyone looking at my feet and always hid my toes when I wore sandals. She use to tease me and point at my feet and say "I can see your toes!" She loved her Coca Cola, back home I used to take a can rather than flowers to leave for her. I still do not like anyone looking at my feet but because I can not visit her grave this year I decided to commemorate her memory this way. This is the poem I wrote for her that was read over the PA system at our highschool. Capture what she best knows Every pain to no scale Like must above l
Dedos_VI Model: Azul (

japanese fire artwork

Model: Azul ( ~Azul ) Shibari, Photo and Photoshop: (~Mescal-ine) Please see large size
Dream Little ink on

japanese fire symbol tattoo

Little ink on my neck. One of my very first... needs a touch up lol
Manchester tattoo Convention tattoo 6.5 hours at

japanese flames

6.5 hours at manchester tattoo convention... By Carl Zambra of Body Art Studios, Dudley, UK
tattoo flash in progress, Koi, Kannon, Flowers Today, I totally

japanese flower tattoo flash

Today, I totally lost track of time. A day off dedicated to Japanese Studies. Arigato Kami sama! & Apologise for the bad quality mobile shot :)
Nice little Mum This was the

japanese full tattoo body suit

This was the last little tie-in to finish an OG half-sleeve. Real old school straight-up Mum. No wacky stylistic tricks...just a legit, easily read piece.
Sleeve - side - Koi FIsh and water - Close up These are images

japanese hanya

These are images of my first tattoo. A half-sleeve of a Koi Fish swimming upstream, a Hanya Mask underneath, surrounded by the essence of water and lotus flowers. The tattoo was done by Federico Ferroni of South Beach Tattoo. It took 3 sittings of 8 hours each.
Portrait of a Dancer no rules, no

japanese horimono designs

no rules, no limitations, no boundaries it's like an art™ © All Rights Reserved by ajpscs "harajuku rockabilly/youtube" To dance is to be out of yourself. Larger, more beautiful, more powerful. Agnes De Mille

Three random tattoo ideas

ta-tau # 3 amsterdam may 1994

japanese tatau

amsterdam may 1994 tattoo convention at "Beurs van Berlage" best..... ta-tau # 3 on black feel free to visit my web site reply with dark © All rights reserved. Use without permission is illegal