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2 b&w Tattoo finally finished!

japanese tat top of the arm

Tattoo finally finished! YES!!
Akihito... Probabilmente a tanti

japanese tattoo in london

Probabilmente a tanti di voi non dirà nulla sta foto, ma a me piace la luce, mi piace il tatuaggio, mi piace la posa. mi sa di "famiglia" in un certo senso, mi dà pace e tranquillità, mi rilassa.... e quindi ve la beccate... tiè
Tattoo outline New school flower

japanese tattoo leaves

New school flower tattoo (1.5 hours) 7/30/11
Cobra & Chrysanthemums Leg Sleeve Tattoo Diff angle; Backside

japanese tattoo leg sleeve

Diff angle; Backside
spider lily....(gakkin world) FREE HAND WORK

japanese tattoo lily

FREE HAND WORK BY GAKKIN www.harizanmai,jp
Spotlight www.fluidr.com/photos/grockpilot

japanese tattoo los angeles

Ive Modelo Ive Cristine.

japanese tattoo model

Modelo Ive Cristine. Contato: tatianebrito.contato@gmail.com
tattoo progress I got the

japanese tattoo smoke

I got the smoke on my shoulder and the water on my chest finished, I also got the water on my back colored.
Tigers Ink "Tigers Ink" From

japanese tattoo with tiger

"Tigers Ink" From the Living Ink Series I plan on creating twelve total in the series.. www.AlainVArts.com
tattoo; 05.04.2009 [003/365] this is my

japanese tattoo wrist

this is my first (and for now) only tattoo, and i've gotten a lot of shit for it. people assume that i just got it because it's cute, but there is more to it than that. i've thought long and hard about what i wanted, and i'm happy about it. i love it. it's a tokidoki koi fish, original can be found here , and i'll most definitely be getting more tokidoki ink. c: also, fyi: i've got to get a few places touched up. i know.
Half colored tiger Done for the

japanese tiger and koi tattoo

Done for the day. See more incredible work by Mark at www.windhorserising.com

Three random tattoo ideas

there's an arm under that hair! I had to

girly arm tattoo

I had to have my whole arm shaved in preparation for the tattoo...I feel so weird. (I have very hairy arms. It's light hair, so it's not that incredibly noticeable until it's not there.)