Koi - Tattoowise

Tattoo Terceira seção, Tattoo

how to freehand a koi fish

Terceira seção, Tattoo feita pelo Camilo Nunes, toda em freehand
Fresh Koi Tattoo - Front Taken 2 hours

koi cherryblossom tattoo

Taken 2 hours after the outline was done. Took about 3 hours. Booked in to be finished black/grey in about a month! Tattoo by Glen @ Crayford Tattoo Studio
FUDO-MYO-O (GODAI MYO O) back piece tattoo FUDO-MYO-O

japanese koi to snake tattoo

FUDO-MYO-O (GODAI MYO O) JAPANESE TRADiTiONAL back piece tattoo fanatic tattoo yokohama , JAPAN KARYU-BONTEN
IMAG0114 Painted Lady Series

koi skulls tattoos

Painted Lady Series -Button Earrings All images hand drawn and colored by my self with Prismacolor colored pencils, then digitally scanned into my computer for printing and use in these uber cute Dia De Los Muertos button earrings. No printed paper or stickers are used in my image jewelry. EVER. All image jewelry is made using a delicate and complex liquid clay transfer process.
DSC03965 5hours ... but

koi and beach tattoo

5hours ... but was worth it
Dragon Koi Sleeve More Colour_17102010_0005 All work completed

dragon and koi full sleeve tattoo

All work completed by Nico at One Love Tattoo, Geneva, Switzerland

Three random tattoo ideas

#183/366 - Halfway There! Day 183 Today

tattoo numbers design

Day 183 Today is my halfway point in my 365 project - day 183 out of 366 self portraits. It's also Canada Day today. So....Happy Canada Day to all of my fellow Canadians, and congratulations to all those 365ers who have made it to the halfway point! Also for GTWL's theme Rule of Thirds, Half Dressed Tuesdays, FGR and the group I'm A Poser. My husband thought of this shot - I was so stuck for a halfway sp today! For day 100 I did a 'writing on skin' shot, so he thought today I could do the same, in my middle because I'm in the middle of the 365 project - get it? So...for those of you following (or not following) my 365 project, here are a few interesting tidbits of information about it, so far: Out of 183 photos.... - 27 have been black & white - 17 have my daughter in them - in 72 of them, I don't show my face - not sure why? - 9 of them are jumping pictures - I ventured out of my hom
Dinner For Two (Charcoal On Black Paper) This is the

tattoo hawaii surf design

This is the only piece of artwork that I have ever done identically twice. I was offered $500.00 Just look at the work and see your own interpretation of the work that will always be unique and set apart from anything else that will and ever has existed.