Koi - Tattoowise

Koi, In Progress Sent from my

koi and waves tattoos

Sent from my Verizon Wireless Phone
Koi Fish Tattoo Paulo Madeira
Tattoo Artist

a koi fish tattoo design

Paulo Madeira Tattoo Artist and BodyPiercer www.paulotattoos.com
Koi On my fat

black koi tatoo

On my fat arm. The artwork was done by sister and my kick ass tattoo artist tweeked it slightly to clean it up.
Cover Up #2 - Stencil www.artaddictiontattoo.com

black koi tattoo design

Alberto: session 2 Arte e tattoo

cherry blossoms koi fish tattoo

Arte e tattoo exclusivas. Trabalho em progresso.
White in koi done That's it! 3

color koi tattoo

That's it! 3 hours of work and Shane's done all of the colouring. The white ink in the koi doesn't show up very well at the moment, but it will be more evident as the swelling goes down.
Five months Five months later,

dragon to koi

Five months later, the colors are at their best. Sony DSC-F828. Photo by Lillith.
koi finished view #3 Janet's tebori koi

horitoshi koi

Janet's tebori koi tattoo, nearly healed, by Horitoshi I, Tokyo. Fin view
koi koi sketch for

how to sketch a koi fish

koi sketch for tattoo idea.

Three random tattoo ideas