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Wicked tattoo Sweet ass tattoo

incubus koi tattoo

Sweet ass tattoo
Tattoo Tattoo commission for

irezumi koi dragon

Tattoo commission for pris84 from DoA :) Done by me Dollfie: Dollshe (SD) More info and tattoos: www.dead--end.com/gallery/tattoo/
Koi sleeve Koi fish sleeve

jap koi tattoos

Koi fish sleeve tattoo Jared Preslar Lucky Bamboo tattoo 1155 north main st suite 8 Layton utah 84015 www.luckybambootattoo.com
Half colored tiger Done for the

japanese tiger and koi tattoo

Done for the day. See more incredible work by Mark at www.windhorserising.com
KoiTattoo1 Photo and tattoo

koi and bamboo tattoo

Photo and tattoo work done by Matt Kiley @ Blue Scarab Tattoo in Waldorf, MD
MFKR 2009 - Day (Cat Bordhi Speaks + Show & Tell) On Day Day

koi and dragon arm tattoo

On Day Day 2 of the Men's Fall Knitting Retreat we were blessed to have Cat Bordhi address us as male fiber enthusiasts as well as potential designers and authors. We shared our Show & Tell with Cat, too!
Koi Dragon Forearm Sleeve Colours All work completed

koi and dragon sleeve tattoos

All work completed by Nico from One Love Tattoo Geneva
KoiTattoo2 Photo and tattoo

koi bamboo tattoo

Photo and tattoo work done by Matt Kiley @ Blue Scarab Tattoo in Waldorf, MD
Water Shading still work to

koi cherry blossoms tat

still work to do
mossyfeet This picture was

koi feet

This picture was taken just 2 seconds before she face planted against a dirty old plastic planter box and got terra-cotta smudges on her nose, cheek and chin. I was over my mother's house so I didn't have a magic eraser - I did the best I could with dawn on a washcloth and most of it came off but thankfully, I got the last bit off at home with my ME (note to self: take one with you in your doll case !!!) PS: does this count Cindy?
The Likeness Necklace www.etsy.com/listing/50917435/the-likeness-japanese-koi-a...

koi fish and cherry blossoms tattoo


Three random tattoo ideas

Picture023 Pink Floyd prism,

tattoo the moon

Pink Floyd prism, Dark side of the moon
l'aridità dell'aria. last months have

silvie tattoo

last months have been tough. my grandma died on christmas eve, and since then i remember only troubles, other people around me dying, sickness, and then again troubles, and bad news, lots of bad news, every day. on friday the 13th (this month) i went to a tattoo studio and had a "lucky" tattoo from the owner (a mexican guy), who was giving small lucky tattoos for 13 euros (i think it's some sort of tattoo tradition about friday the 13th). i did the draw, using some symbols that i know well and that i've always felt like protecting me. now i hope that it will bring me a lot of luck. because i'm so tired that i just wish to sleep for an year without earing anything. please, lucky thing, start working NOW. e sento l'aridità dell'aria che pesa, pesa, pesa su di me se adesso urlo riesco a frantumarla metti il tuo sguardo ghiacciato sul detonatore, dai riduci in polvere tutto così potrò ricominciare cristina donà