Koi - Tattoowise

5th session Tattooed by Martin

koi thigh tattoos

Tattooed by Martin Black Widow Shop Manila, Philippines
Scales Showing off his

matt koi tattoo

Showing off his in progress sleeve.
Chelly's Tattoo Model: Chelly S.

model of tattoo koi

Model: Chelly S. MakeUp: Ruby Martinez Photo: Cherish Ortiz
mt29 Tattoo by Martin

shoulder koi tattoos

Tattoo by Martin
Stu Tattoo 2 Stu's started full

sleave koi

Stu's started full sleave from Paul at Red Hot And Blue Tattoo
"GET INKED OR DIE NAKED" another freestyle japanese koi by Tattoo T-Bear "GET INKED OR

tatoeage koi

"GET INKED OR DIE NAKED" another freestyle japanese koi by Tattoo T-Bear www.tattootbear.com/
Koi tattoo Tattoo by Tim

tatoos de koi

Tattoo by Tim Baxley Southside Tattoo & Piercing 1597 White Way East Point, Ga 30344 (404) 781-8000 www.SouthsideTattoo.net
Koi tattoo Tattoo by Gotch

tattoo koi with dragon

Tattoo by Gotch - Harizanmai 針三昧
Koi Koi fish by

tattoo of a koi fish on the arm with lotus

Koi fish by Chad Cagle at Tuff Luck Tattoo in Carbondale, IL
ely's tattoo koi on leg phase 1 please comment Marco

traditional koi tattoo art

please comment Marco Nigiotti THE ROSE TATTOO SHOP LIVORNO
Koi Side Piece Koi and Water

water lilly koi

Koi and Water Lillies

Three random tattoo ideas

Alis volat propriis My third tattoo.

latin phrase tattoo pics

My third tattoo. This a latin phrase that means "she flies with her own wings.." I chose this phrase because I wanna remind myself everyday of my life that I can do things by myself and reach whatever I want to with my own effort.
Dona arab, tradició i progrés A Mataró, primavera

henna gallery

A Mataró, primavera 07.