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Three random tattoo ideas

Mais um terminado Lápis de cor

lotus japanese tattoos

Lápis de cor e canson
Japanese tat 1 Sorry this is

petals tattoo

Sorry this is a crappy pic, but people have been asking to see it - so until I can get a proper pic taken, here it is. This is the tattoo on the left side of my back, about 14" tall. It is a Japanese haiku (poem) which says: "A flash of lightning. The sound of drops among the bamboo". (don't worry, it definitely does say that, I had it designed by a Japanese calligraphy master and I checked the translation myself) I had it added to with Japanese waves and traditional cherry blossom flowers. It fits in with the theme of flowers across my body, and eventually I may have bamboo leaves coming across the left from my ribcage :-) Tattoo artist: Ken Patten of The Tattoo Station , Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England